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20 Unique Airbnbs for Your Next Vacation

Sit tight as we're about to take you to one-of-a-kind rentals you can book for your next vacay.

Codeth Cameron
CodethContent Coordinator
20 Unique Airbnbs for Your Next Vacation

Being boring is not a requirement to becoming a short term rental and these Airbnbs prove that. Take a look at these properties that scream “unique” with a capital “U”!

Luxury Home by Wander - Gualala, California

Wander vacation rentals with private hot tub

Photo by Wander

City Nirvana by Terryon - Kingston, Jamaica

Article picture

Photo by Terryon/Airbnb

A piece of mother nature surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city. Expect fruit trees, birds and serenity - things that aren’t characteristic of a city, and what make this cozy spot so unique.

Pipe House by Felipe - Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Article picture

Photo by Felipe/Airbnb

Your typical beach doesn’t usually have this many pipes (with running water or the ones transformed into homes). But with a bit of imagination and a touch of modernity, these giant cylinders are transformed into a fun and quiet stay with all that nature has to offer.

Toy Story Experience by Benjamin - El Paso, Texas

Article picture

Photo by Benjamin/Airbnb

I’m a Disney dame, so when I saw this one, I knew it had to make the list. Just like the toys in the movie, the house is very typical and unsuspecting on the outside, but as soon as you enter, you’ll see detailing on the walls, on furniture basically everywhere - from all characters in the animation. My favorite touch is the Forky poster in the kitchen!

Taos Mesa Studio Earthship by Dan - Taos, New Mexico

Article picture

Photo by Dan/Airbnb

This is not how they showed “living off the grid” in the movies. The contemporary interior is pretty minimalist but really, if you’re going off the grid for a few days, what more do you need?

Pocono Castle by Mark and Eva - East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Article picture

Photo by Mark & Eva/Airbnb

This is a complete 180 to the previous property as this one comes with much grandeur with its larger than life exterior and interior. Even a game of chess is turned into a spectacle with the life sized version of the board game on the lawns of the property.

Underground Hygge by Kristie - Orondo, Washington

Article picture

Photo by Kristie/Airbnb

My precious, this hobbit hole is perfect for you. If you love a close to authentic cottage lifestyle, then you’ll love this one. 

Flea Windmill by Moinho - Azores, Portugal

Article picture

Photo by Moinho/Airbnb

You’ll be sleeping inside a windmill by the sea - enough said!

One with Nature by Andres - Tulum, Mexico

Article picture

Photo by Andres/Airbnb

Green plants all around, modern design and a pool with swings  - am I even describing an Airbnb or a slice of paradise?

Caribbean Escape by Christina - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Article picture

Photo by Christina/Airbnb

A sea front villa with an uninterrupted view of the beach from the pool terrace is the perfect place to catch-a-tan or catch some z’s during your next vacay.

Sunset Dome by Jenny - Cape Town, South Africa

Article picture

Photo by Jenny/Airbnb

This Airbnb is the materialization of a safe space. It’s calm, it’s on the still waters, and the home gives you a giant hug with its dome shaped hardware.

Fairytale Escape by Lodgewell - Austin, Texas

Article picture

Photo by Lodgewell/Airbnb

If Snow White was getting an Airbnb, this is definitely the one she’d go for. It’s imaginative, whimsical, and truly something off the pages of a storybook. It would be her perfect cottage in the woods (minus the 7 little singing men).

Natural Teepee by Georgina - La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Article picture

Photo by Georgina/Airbnb

Described by the host as "Eco Glamping," this natural teepee is unique as it strikes the perfect balance between wanting to feel grounded and wanting to grab a snack from Downtown.

Stone Flax Mill by Phyllis - Ballymena, Ireland

Article picture

Photo by Phyllis/Airbnb

Staying in this beautifully contrasting old mill turned modern lodging is a great way to have a very unique trip to Ireland.

Whippoorwill Treehouse Retreat by Amber - Trenton, Georgia

Article picture

Photo by Amber/Airbnb

I know your inner child will do cartwheels when they see this spot. It’s the cool aunt of tree houses - the one that you’d want to hang out with all the time and return home.

Living on the Seven Seas by Angie - Knoxville, Tennessee

Article picture

Photo by Angie/Airbnb

If you want to live the suite life on deck for a few days, you should check out this Tennessee listing. And if you want to read one line without a Disney reference, skip to the next property on the list.

Creator’s Paradise by Jeeves - Davenport, Florida

Article picture

Photo by Jeeves/Airbnb

Larger than life spaces, a recording studio, home theater, games room and so much more - it’s truly a creator’s paradise down in Florida.

Two-Storey Container Flower House by Elizabeth - Currie, North Carolina

Article picture

Photo by Elizabeth/Airbnb

Check out that view! And to think it’s from the upstairs of a container house - a very unique experience.

Hector Cave House by Giannis - Santorini, Greece

Article picture

Photo by Giannis/Airbnb

Who knew the cavemen were living it up like this? Staying inside a Greek cave doesn’t look like a bad bargain at all. 

Cay to Getaway by Ana - Bay Islands, Honduras

Article picture

Photo by Ana/Airbnb

And to end off this list, we’re going out with a bang - you can rent an entire private island on Airbnb. Now I’ll leave you as your jaws and my mic drop.

Wander your World

No matter where you are, your experience on vacation can turn out to be a unique one. With Wander, being unique is our M.O. From the 24/7 Concierge Text line to the hotel-grade amenities, we strive to give our guests an extraordinary experience with our ordinary practices of continued excellence.

There isn’t a Wander in every corner of the world yet, but you can make us a part of your world (I promise this is the last Disney reference) by checking out the myriad of properties we have from coast to coast. See you soon!

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