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Best Airbnbs for Remote Work

Top Airbnbs that's perfect for remote workers like you!

Codeth Cameron
CodethContent Coordinator
Best Airbnbs for Remote Work

Remote work can be such a task in the wrong environment. But in these Airbnbs, you’ll never be more excited to have a virtual meeting. So for the forever digital nomads or the ones who are only joining the club for the week, you’re gonna love this one!

How to Find the best Airbnb as a Digital Nomad

There are a plethora of factors that contribute to the greatness of Airbnb for digital nomads and other persons akin to them. However, in my estimation, these are the big three to pay attention to.

Location and Privacy

One of the best things about renting a space for work is that you have control over how remote you want it to be; and the best Airbnbs for a digital community are always the ones that you have all to yourself. So look at the listings carefully and ensure you’re getting the entire house and not just a room in it. On top of that, the location should play a huge role in your selection as well. If you work best in a quiet place, choose somewhere away from the city; or perhaps you’re most inspired when in nature, which would then mean that choosing to rent a home surrounded by the forest or other aspects of the wild is probably best.

Great Cell/Internet Service

This goes without saying, but a great vacation rental for a remote worker has to have a great cell and internet connection. It’s so frustrating to purchase something for a specific purpose and it does everything except what you need it to do. So ensure to do your research before putting that payment through for your next workcation destination.

Great workstation

As an extension of the previous point, it’s also important to have an actual workstation wherever you rent. If you’re sitting by the dining table, on the couch, or at the kitchen counter in your rental, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. This isn’t to say working from these spots isn’t doable, but working in an environment designed just for work will make a world of difference in your productivity.

Now that we’ve established how to find the best space for you, let’s kickstart your search with these handpicked Airbnbs for your next workcation!

Wander Hudson Valley - Hudson Valley, New York

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Photo by Wander

This (and other Wander properties) heads the list because Wander was made for this - the company was created with digital nomads in mind. Each property is set up with a state-of-the-art workstation with accompanying speech, audio, and video add-ons and is connected by super-fast Wi-Fi.

This property in particular, it’s nestled in the Catskills mountains by clusters of lush topography creating a very serene environment that will help with your focus while at work. The best part though is that after a long day of punching keys and doing presentations, you can take a load off in the hot tub or pool that comes with the property.

Hilltop House with Jungle Views - Bali, Indonesia

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Photo by Mie/Airbnb

Tucked away on an Indonesian hilltop surrounded by the amazing views of a Bali jungle is sometimes the getaway you need to ignite those creative juices. This rental property is a great mixture of contemporary art & fixtures and classical, cultural pieces that work together in creating this haven in nature.

It’s not only a great place for a digital nomad because of the views and the splashes of rich history in every corner of each room, but also because it comes with a space dedicated to working. On top of that, you can enjoy a dip in the infinity pool at any time and enjoy the spectacular Indonesian view.

Magnifique Villa - Paris, France

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Photo by Benoit/Airbnb

A place like this is perfect for you if you work remotely and want to treat your entire family to a European trip. This 3-bedroom rental comes with a garden, an underground wine cellar, and ample work spaces for a myriad of professional and creative interests. There is an office floor as well as a photo studio equipped with lights, a backdrop, and even an additional office desk & chair.

But above all these considerate additions to the space, the best one is probably putting the child’s room (filled with books and toys) two steps away from the work area on the office floor so that you can comfortably do what you do best around the computer, while the kiddos do what they do best without causing you much worry.

Modern Jetliner City Views - Los Angeles, California

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Photo by Ted/Airbnb

For lovers of a great skyline view, this is the rental property for you! This L.A. home is three stories of modernity and convenience giving the gift of the magical L.A. skyline through the large glass windows on each floor.

There is also a steam room and most importantly, a study equipped with a glass-top desk, surround sound, and minimalistic modern decor that is constant throughout the rest of the home.

Cozy Family House - Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Photo by Fen/Airbnb

This property is what you get when you want the tranquility of the countryside but don’t mind the idea of quick city access - it’s the best of both worlds! The space is light and airy thanks to the natural light that escapes in through the windows all over the house. With a stacked bookshelf, a piano, and a communal friendly desk, this home is the art lover’s paradise.

Village Townhouse - Catalonia, Spain

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Photo by Pepa/Airbnb

The last on this list, but by no means the least, is this Spanish home that is the textbook definition of cozy. Renting this house means renting 3 bedrooms filled with a light rustic charm. You’ll enjoy being in every room of the house, from the kitchen right back to the cozy study.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to take some time off in the nearby hammock or outdoor pool as well as go for a ride through the village on one of the bicycles parked in the garage. 

Where are you taking your next workcation?

Ultimately, you should work in an environment where you are comfortable, have privacy, have a great internet connection, and have a dedicated workspace. All the properties above tick all these boxes so it’s up to you to decide which vibe you are going for.

So if you’re feeling like working in a desert home like Wander Cave Creek and Wander Joshua Tree or a place where you can hear the ocean breeze like Wander Bandon Beach and Wander Orford Cliffs, there’s a vacation rental for you.

If you’d like to book a Wander, your 24/7 Text Concierge is on standby to help you through the process and to make your experience extra special -- just send a text to 737-377-3205. We can’t wait to see how you redefine work and where you’ll do it next!

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