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Luxury Vacation Rentals Myrtle Beach

With its beautiful beaches, world-class golfing, and excellent seafood, it's no wonder Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular destinations for corporate retreats in the United States. But why settle for an average hotel or resort when you can book the ultimate luxury vacation rental for your team?

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Luxury Vacation Rentals Myrtle Beach

Are you looking for luxury vacation rentals for your next team-building retreat? Myrtle Beach is a renowned destination for those looking for stunning beaches, mild weather, and waves to surf, however, it also offers the perfect setting for leaders looking to organize a corporate retreat, team-building event, or business conference. The area has several rental properties designed to accommodate large teams regardless of budget and group size. Among the many options available, Wander Surfside Beach stands out as a top choice for hosting corporate getaways, thanks to its prime location, first-class amenities, and 24/7 concierge service. 

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Keep reading to find out what makes Wander Surfside exceptional as well as the property’s event planning details that you must consider to ensure that your corporate retreat planning is as seamless as possible. We’ve also included some fun team-building exercises in Myrtle Beach to get you started on organising the best retreat ever!

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Wander Surfside Beach

Wander Surfside Beach is considered to be the ultimate luxury vacation rental in Myrtle Beach. It is located 20 minutes from Myrtle Beach International Airport and sits right on the oceanfront, boasting magnificent views of the Atlantic. The home is designed for large groups and comes complete with modern amenities like an outdoor shower, elevator, spacious rooms, private balconies, and 6 workstations. Your team is sure to have everything they need to be productive during their stay and the property offers ample meeting space for business conferences and team-building activities. 

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Featured Amenities:

★ Sleeps up to 22 across 8 bedrooms with 8 full bathrooms and 2 half baths

★ Several patio areas with lounge chairs and an outdoor dining table for 10

★ Private winter-heated pool and hot tub 

★ Super fast WiFi and 6 workstations and a whiteboard wall 

★ Modern kitchen with all the appliances and cookware you need and dishwasher 

★ Table tennis  

★ Parking for 5 vehicles 

★ Smart home technology, Sonos speakers, and smart TVs 

★ Washer/dryer 

★ Elevator 

★ Golf cart 

★ 24/7 Concierge 

Event Capacity:

The home has indoor & outdoor venue spaces available and can host up to 40 people standing and 20 people seated for daytime events. Large gatherings must be confirmed with the Wander events team first. Any events over the max number of people on the property page will require a deposit, event rates, and a contract.

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Sleeping Arrangement:

The property has 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. There are three king beds, four queens, and 4 bunk beds. The king and queen beds have premium Eight Sleep Pod Pro mattresses with cooling technology. 

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The property has super-fast WiFi (typically 300+ Mbps) and six amazing state-of-the-art workstations. Each is complete with a 38” monitor, 4K camera, high-quality microphone, and ergonomic desk chair. WiFi also extends outside if you want to work outdoors! There is also a whiteboard wall for collaboration/brainstorming and table tennis for when your team needs a break.

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The outdoor area has a winter-heated pool, hot tub, lounge chairs, and an outdoor shower. There are also several deck areas, which include a dining table for 10 with a grill and other seating areas. A private boardwalk (with a gate that locks) takes you to the beach – just a few steps away and guests will also have access to a golf cart.

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Event Support:

Wander Concierge is available for guests 24/7 leading up to and throughout your stay. For event inquiries and logistics please email edom@wander.com.

Team building 

If your goal is to improve communication and strengthen relationships with your team members it is important to ensure that you plan out some team-building activities ahead of your retreat. When team members work together to complete team-building activities, they are more likely to develop trust and respect for one another, and in most cases, this leads to a more cohesive and productive team. Here are some ideas for indoor and outdoor activities, designed to give your team the ultimate advantage

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  • Competitions: Create mini-games and competitions for your team to participate in, such as desk chair races, paperclip toss, scavenger hunts, or a ping-pong tournament. These competitive activities foster a sense of unity and teamwork and encourage team members to push themselves to do their best, which can help to build confidence.

  • Team Building Workshop: Hire an improv instructor to lead your team in improv exercises that focus on communication, listening, and teamwork.

  • Virtual & Live Board Games: Host a game night with games like Codenames, Among Us, or Jackbox Games. These games are designed to encourage collaboration, active listening, observation, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, all of which are essential for building effective teams.

  • Trust Exercises: Have your team members participate in exercises such as trust falls, or a trust walk. When team members participate in trust exercises, they are placing their trust in each other and rely on each other for support. This helps to build strong relationships and foster a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.

  • Speed Networking: Set up a speed networking event where team members can get to know each other better in a short amount of time by asking questions and sharing information about themselves.

Team Building Exercises in Myrtle Beach: 

There are many team-building activities in Myrtle Beach that can help build strong and effective teams. It’s important to choose an activity that fits the interests and personalities of your team so that they have fun building camaraderie and cooperation. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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  • Beach Olympics: Beach Olympic activities include beach volleyball, sandcastle building, tug of war, and relay races.

  • Scavenger Hunt: A scavenger hunt can be a great way to explore Myrtle Beach while promoting teamwork and communication.

  • Kayaking Adventure: Myrtle Beach offers several kayaking tours and adventures that can be a great way to build teamwork and communication skills.

  • Golf Tournament: Golf is a popular sport in Myrtle Beach, and hosting a golf tournament can be a fun way to build team spirit.

  • Charity Work: Volunteering for a local charity can be a rewarding team-building activity. 

Wander Teams:

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A team retreat is essential for building a strong team that can work together towards common goals and achieve success. A recent survey from a corporate team that booked the property revealed that there's no better place to host your retreat than Wander Surfside Beach. The team lead reported that 90% of team members saw a new, positive impact on relationships with coworkers post the retreat, and 100% of them said they made at least 4 new relationships with people they wouldn’t otherwise interact with. 80% said they felt more productive, and 26% more goals were accomplished in the month following the team retreat at Wander. 

The Wander team is friendly, professional, and committed to providing exceptional service, and ensuring that attendees have a stress-free environment to collaborate in. Check out Wander Teams to learn more about how you can reinvent your corporate retreat, introduce a new employee reward, and recognize top performers!

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