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How to Avoid Burnout and Retain Talent with Wander Teams

Meghan profile pictureMeghanMay 12, 2023

In the last couple of years, many of us have had the frustrating experience of trying to work productively while traveling. We’ve felt the pain points: uncomfortable bed leading to restless sleep, unreliable WiFi dropping calls, small tables with too little work space, loud and distracting neighbors… 

You know what came next: Wander was born to solve those challenges, plus so much more. Working remotely became much easier, removing the thought and worry that went into planning your time away from home. With Wander, the reality exceeds the expectation: Comfortable workstations with adjustable desks and extra monitors are the norm; the WiFi is strong and reliable; a beautiful setting means you can transition into your personal time in peace; an equipped kitchen and gym mean you never have to sacrifice your daily routine.

Our early guests validated the notion that a rental could be both relaxing and lend itself to productivity with feedback like: 

“I felt so happy the entire time I was there, even when the work days were long. It was just so indescribably beautiful and relaxing to have floor-to-ceiling views of the ocean." -Judy A., San Francisco, CA

“The best part of travel is seeing new places but the worst part is losing the comforts of home, at least until Wander. After staying at Wander Anchor Bay, I can say I've never felt more of a sense of home in any rental." -Christian L., Digital Nomad

"Working was so easy. I had daily coaching calls along with my day job and all of it was on video - the internet, camera, mic, and everything were perfect to get my work done.” -Chris L., Houston, TX

Around the same time, two separate, macro trends started to emerge in the US workplace: 

  1. It is becoming more and more difficult to hire and retain talent

  2. The remote/hybrid working environment is here to stay and teams need a place to get together and collaborate

In response to these trends, we launched the beta program of Wander Teams: the B2B version of our core product and ultimate employee perk.

Watch the magic unfold
With Wander Teams, employers purchase Wander credits at a discounted rate. They have full flexibility and creative discretion on how those credits get used, with options such as:

  • A differentiating perk for their team, gifting credits for employees to vacation or workcation at Wander

  • A reward with tangible effects, congratulating employees for accomplishing a goal or hitting an employment milestone

  • A team offsite meeting/retreat in a unique setting that inspires relationship building and leads to organic productivity

Wander can easily become your team’s ‘Third Space’, a concept The Wall Street Journal recently dug into while filming at Wander Joshua Tree. As The Wall Street Journal Life & Work reporter Katherine Bindly described, “The Third Space is a workplace, separate from both your home and your office. It’s where remote colleagues can finally gather in person but it’s also a place for focused individual work away from home and office distractions.”

Wander is the awe-inspiring Third Space with guarantees like:

  • Wander owned and operated homes

  • Inspiring locations

  • 24/7 access to our Concierge team

  • Transparent pricing

  • Unmatched personalization

  • Luxury amenities that complete a stay

We created Wander Teams to be easy for you. The credit-based system is simple with no strings attached and without contracts. Our marketing team will create bespoke templates for easy credit distribution. Throughout the offsite, your personal Concierge will check in to ensure everything is perfect.

We hope to share the magic of Wander with you and your teams because we know that a happy team is a productive team. To get started, email kyle@wander.com.

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Employees participate in a group horseback ride during an offsite at Wander Bandon Beach.

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