Wander Zoom Backgrounds

Looking for a background to bring some beauty into your workday? Wander Zoom Backgrounds are here to instantly transport you to a Wander Home.

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Wander Zoom Backgrounds

With Wander’s zoom backgrounds, you can take Wander with you wherever you are! From an awesome option to soothe distractions to a fun ice-breaker to bond over travel, Wander Zoom Backgrounds are here to bring some beauty into your workday.

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Need ideas for enjoying your Zoom background or looking for help setting it up? Keep scrolling for "Why zoom backgrounds are just fun" or to "How to set up your Zoom background"!

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Why zoom backgrounds are just fun:

1. They soothe distractions

In the world of remote work, sometimes a bed is left waiting to be made or children’s toys are scattered before a much needed “clean up time”. A zoom background instantly soothes distractions to bring calm and inspiration to your workday.  

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2. A way to bring beauty into your workday 

Humans love to look at beautiful things, and a zoom background is an easy way to bring beauty into any meeting. Whether you are in the mood for ocean views, desert, or mountains — Wander has you covered.  

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3. Reminders of good memories (or inspiration to make memories)

Whether you’ve visited a Wander and want to take the good vibes home with you, or if you’re a member and looking forward to your next trip, Wander Zoom Backgrounds can make you smile at some good memories — or remind you to live life to the fullest and plan an adventure.

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4. A way to break the ice 

Zoom backgrounds are a great way to start conversations — and nothing breaks the ice in a pitch like bonding over the love of travel, interest in remote work, or startups. Who knows, you may end up planning a co-working trip with a client to Wander Tahoe Slopes, or inspire them with your travel stories to go explore the world themselves (and they’ll have you to thank).

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How to set up your Zoom background 

1) Click here to access the Wander Zoom Backgrounds: to download, double-click on a Zoom background and select "Download"

Article picture

2) At the bottom of the screen in a Zoom meeting room, click the little arrow next to the video camera icon and click “Choose Virtual Background"

Article picture

4) On the next screen, click the + sign and “add image”

Article picture

 5) Browse your “recents” for the background you’d like, click on the photo and click “open”

Article picture

6) Click on your desired background!

Article picture

7) And you’re all set! 

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Ready to get started? You can download your Wander Zoom Background here! 

Love your background? Tweet us a screenshot of you enjoying your background and we’ll make sure to shout you out! @wander 

We’re also on Instagram @wander, or you can always email us at hello@wander.com!

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