Own the future of travel.

Atlas provides the opportunity for investors to earn high-yield passive income, unlock greater diversification, and own a piece of Wander’s magical network of homes.

  • Estimated time to complete: 5-10 minutes
  • Minimum investment size: $10,000

Understanding the benefits

  • 8% targeted annual returns - deposited quarterly

    Total return on an investment is calculated as the sum of the dividends received plus any appreciation (or less any decline) during the time the Atlas stock is owned. Atlas intends to provide investors with an 8% dividend and allow them to share in long-term appreciation.

  • Tax-advantaged income

    Unlike other corporations, because of Atlas’s special REIT status, to the extent Atlas distributes 100% of taxable income, there is no corporate level taxation. An important benefit available to non-corporate REIT investors: a 20% deduction with respect to certain REIT dividends.

  • Portfolio diversify

    Atlas offers investors an opportunity to diversify their investments away from traditional stocks and bonds, and across a portfolio of high-quality vacation rentals.

Atlas cannot guarantee any return on investment. Like any investment, an investment in Atlas entails the risk of loss of some or all of one’s invested capital.