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Join the top 1% of vacation rentals.

Wander pioneered the 'hotelification' of vacation rentals. Now we’re offering you the opportunity to partner with us and transform your home into one of the best vacation rentals in the world – with world-class financial performance and white-glove service.

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13,408 nights booked

13,408 nights booked and counting

Supercharge performance

Supercharge performance

Our superior marketing, operations and guest experience consistently beat market occupancy by 30%+. Earn more with fewer headaches.

Join the best of the best

Join the best of the best

Unlock our industry-leading 94% guest satisfaction by combining the quality of a luxury hotel with the comfort of a private vacation home.

Unlock white glove service

Unlock white glove service

Say goodbye to the stress of managing your own property and hello to top-tier, end-to-end asset management from Wander.

Unlock your home’s full potential with Wander.

With Wander Operated, we upgrade your property into a top-performing financial asset and manage it to the highest standard. You reap the rewards without lifting a finger. If your home meets all of the following standards, we’d love to chat:

  • Luxury home

    Luxury home

  • Contemporary design

    Contemporary design

  • New(ish) build

    New(ish) build

  • Dramatic views

    Dramatic views

  • Beachfront/ski-in ski-out

    Beachfront/ski-in ski-out

  • “Wow” factor

    “Wow” factor

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We’re creating a new category

Wander is transforming the $2 trillion (and growing) lodging industry by combining the quality of a luxury hotel with the comfort of a private vacation home – and pulling customers from both markets.

$300BVacation rentals$300B
Hospitality vacation rentals
$1.7THotels & resorts$1.7T

Why Wander works

Wander has verticalized the traditionally fragmented components of the travel ecosystem into one unified experience.

We consolidate the top 1% of properties on one platform

We consolidate the top 1% of properties on one platform

The top 1% of vacation rentals generate 35% of revenue. With the best vacation rentals in one place, consumers only have one place to look.

We standardize operations and distribute to our audience

We standardize operations and distribute to our audience

Our standardized hospitality experience across our portfolio delivers a consistent guest experience and compounds a distribution moat.

We run operations on WanderOS with deep automation and AI

We run operations on WanderOS with deep automation and AI

By moving more and more of our operations into WanderOS and operating like a software business, we achieve software-level margins.

The best of both worlds

Wander combines the quality of a luxury hotel with the comfort of a vacation home to create an experience guests love.

Wander HomesVacation rentalsLuxury hotels
Quality and consistency
Transparent pricing
Hotel-grade cleaning
Smart-home tech
24/7 concierge
Modern workstations
Inspiring views

Who are Wander guests?

Wander guests are primarily from high net-worth, affluent households who value consistency and quality.

  • Higher net worth individuals

    Higher net worth individuals

    70% of Wander guests are affluent, with net worths exceeding $1M. They have a much higher repeat booking rate and lifetime value than average.

  • Creators and builders

    Creators and builders

    Wander’s audience is primarily composed of CEOs, founders, executives, software engineers, and individuals working predominantly in the tech sector.

  • Lovers of premium brands

    Lovers of premium brands

    Wander guests love premiums brands like Apple, Tesla, Nike, Porsche, Four Seasons and more. They value quality, great design and luxury.

The United States...

The majority of Wander bookers come from U.S. urban centers.

Map with the locations
...and 60+ other countries

Across the globe from Canada and Great Britain to Australia and Singapore.


Wander Operated

You’ve done the hard part of purchasing an incredible property. Now let us handle the rest.

  • Wander Booking Platform

    Wander Booking Platform

  • Guest Communication
    CONCIERGE 24/7

    Guest Communication

  • Dedicated marketing machine

    Dedicated marketing machine

  • WanderOS operating system

    WanderOS operating system

  • White-glove owner relations

    White-glove owner relations

  • Intelligent pricing strategy

    Intelligent pricing strategy

  • Guest screening and quality

    Guest screening and quality

  • Insurance for peace of mind

    Insurance for peace of mind

  • CapEx for standardization

    CapEx for standardization


Property Marketing Launch

Our launch and marketing strategy is to "overinvest" in content telling the story of your home and to make it famous with our growing network of travelers.

  • Phone showing the Take a tour screen of a Wander
    Tour video
  • Wander's activities screen in a phone
    Travel guides
  • Wander's gallery with professional photos
    Professional photos

Wander Bed Setups

Our team has tested hundreds of different bed setups, from different sheets, mattresses, pillows, toppers, and more. We have landed on what we call “the best sleep you’ll ever get”. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

  • "This was the best sleep we have ever gotten" - Hudson Woods

  • "Loved the bed setups" - Orford Cliffs

  • "The beds were crazy comfortable" - Tahoe Slopes

  • Feature 0
    Control the firmness
  • Feature 1
    Adapts to body shape
  • Feature 2
    Pillows galore
  • Feature 3
    Sateen Sheets
  • Feature 4
    Mattress Topper
  • Feature 5
    Cozy Duvet

Wander Desk Setups

Desk setups increase ADR and occupancy, allowing work-from-home nomads to travel and enjoy amazing locations while still being able to be super productive on a comfortable setup.

Wander workstation background mobile

Smart Home Tech Updates

We're not looking to change your home but rather elevate the experience.

Sonos Soundsystem

Sonos Soundsystem

Enables guest to control music in each room directly from their smartphone, as soon as they check-in.



Provide super fast wifi throughout the entire property with commercial grade equipment.

Smart Lock

Smart Lock

Enables temporary access to the guest during their trip dates. Lock and unlock from anywhere in the world.


Value creation

Turning a home into a turnkey, investment property may help increase the potential buyer pool during a sale. Wander Vail Valley’s sale exemplifies this, and the eventual buyer kept the property on Wander’s platform.

Sonos Soundsystem

Sonos Soundsystem

Wander purchased the property in 2022 when it was not an existing short term rental

Wander transformation

Wander transformation

Wander made improvements to the property and launched it on the Wander platform

Boost in bookings

Boost in bookings

Transforming the home into a Wander and listing on Wander's platform, drove significantly more bookings and revenue

Sold at a gain

Sold at a gain

Wander sold the home for $450,000 more than its purchase price

Value Creation Background

Guests and owners love Wander

But don't just take our word for it. Hear what they have to say for yourself.

"Wander is just so luxe..."

Britni and Daniel from Brookly are repeat Wander guests who have booked several stays in just a handful of months. After taking their first trip to Wander Cave Creek for Britni's birthday over the summer, they planned two additional getaways to Wander Hudson Valley – just outside of New York City.

A “no brainer” for these homeowners

Three months after launching Wander Big Sur Coast, homeowners Chris & Maryam shed light on their experience and why Wander Operated is "a no brainer".


Supercharged performance

Wander performance background mobile

According to AirDNA, the leading data provider for vacation rentals, average daily rates were down by 1.3% across the country in 2023 relative to 2022, while average occupancy decreased by 5.4% relative to 2022, illustrating how increased supply of vacation rentals post-pandemic has created a strain on performance across the industry.

Wander’s portfolio, on the other hand, posted strong results throughout 2023, with same-store ADR growth of 15% across the portfolio and overall market outperformance of 181%.

On average, Wander homes outperform their competitive set on total revenue by 20 – 30%.

Looking ahead to 2024, Wander’s portfolio is strongly positioned to outperform 2023, with occupancy already pacing 4% ahead.

1 – Source: AirDNA (www.Airdna.com); AirDNA, U.S. Market Review: December Supply and Demand Remain in Balance, Promising a Banner 2024

2 – Market ADR represents the blended average daily rate, according to AirDNA, of each market Wander operates in during the months that Wander properties were live

3 – Based on overall revenue comparison to unique competitive set properties for each stabilized home on Wander’s platform

Case Study: Surfside Beach

Wander Surfside Beach is an 8-bedroom, 9-bath oceanfront home in historical Myrtle Beach, which Wander acquired in August 2022. At acquisition, the property was owned by a prominent local vacation rental manager who had booked out the 2022 peak season.

After acquisition, Wander fully outfitted the property with smart home technology, workstations, and an upgraded FF&E package, then began a marketing campaign to drive bookings for 2023.

Wander was able to grow ADR by 61% during the 2023 peak season. So far, for the 2024 peak season, Wander has been able to grow ADR by 10%.

before image 1
before image 2
before image 3
before image 4
after image 1
after image 2
after image 3
after image 4

Case Study: Bandon Beach

Wander Bandon Beach is a 2-bedroom, 2-bath home located along Oregon’s scenic coastline in Bandon. Built in 2020, the property has a modern coastal aesthetic rendered with glass and wood, and offers stunning, uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean.

The property was not an existing short-term rental at acquisition. Wander converted the home into a cash flowing asset upon acquisition and was able to grow ADR by 52% during the 2023 peak season. So far, for the 2024 peak season, Wander has been able to grow ADR by 24%.



Wander Surfside saw an astounding ADR growth of 69% from
May - October 2022 vs. 2023.


Consider this a personal invitation to explore a partnership with Wander.

Transform your vacation home into one of the best vacation rentals in the world. With Wander Operated, we turn your property into a top-performing financial asset and manage it to the highest standard. You reap the rewards, without lifting a finger.

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