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Building the infrastructure to experience the world.

Wander pioneered the “hotelification” of vacation rentals – combining the quality of a luxury hotel with the comfort of a private vacation home. Now we’re taking our verticalized travel experience guests love global with an end-to-end travel platform for trips, experiences and concierge service.


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We’re creating a new category

Wander is transforming the $1.3 trillion (and growing) lodging industry with a guest experience that merges the best of both worlds in hospitality – and pulls demand from both markets. Source: Statista


Vacation rentals$100B+
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Hotels & resorts$1.2T+


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We wouldn’t be here without guests who have trusted us with their travels or owners who have trusted us with their beautiful homes. From time to time we let our accredited community members invest alongside our institutional investors. If you're accredited and interested, simply fill out this form and we'll reach out when one of these opportunities opens up.


The Wander difference

Wander is different because we operate 100% of the homes on our platform – combining the quality of a luxury hotel with the comfort of a private vacation home.

100% Wander operated

100% Wander operated

We’ll never pass you off to a stranger. All of the locations on our platform are operated by us and managed to the highest possible standards to create an experience guests love.

Hand-picked quality

Hand-picked quality

We’ll never not look like the pictures. We select homes in the most beautiful destinations and pour our hearts into making them magical so you can leave your stress at the door.

Hotel-grade amenities

Hotel-grade amenities

We’ll never leave you with nothing to do. From workstations with super fast WiFi to gyms, pools, and saunas, all of our locations are set up for you to effortlessly blend work and play.

Inspiring views in stunning locations

Inspiring views in stunning locations

We’ll never leave you feeling uninspired. Every Wander is in an incredible setting with a stunning view that will leave you creatively inspired and refreshed. Adventure awaits.

Top-tier cleaning

Top-tier cleaning

We’ll never leave you with a dirty house or a to-do list. Our cleaning teams are meticulous about quality and we won’t give you a list of chores when you check out.

24/7 Wander Concierge

24/7 Wander Concierge

We’ll never leave you on read. Our text-based concierge is always available to make your trip special – from activity recommendations to restaurant reservations and more.


Why Wander works

Wander has verticalized the traditionally fragmented components of the travel ecosystem into one unified experience.

We consolidate the top 1% of properties on one platform


We consolidate the top 1% of properties on one platform

The top 1% of vacation rentals generate 35% of revenue. With the best vacation rentals in one place, travelers only have one place to look when they book.

We standardize operations  and distribute to our audience


We standardize operations and distribute to our audience

Our standardized, portfolio-wide hospitality experience delivers guests a quality and consistent product with a compounding distribution moat.

We operate on our WanderOS software with deep automation and AI


We operate on our WanderOS software with deep automation and AI

Our end-to-end business operations run entirely on WanderOS, enabling us to operate with software-level margins and unlock superpowers to serve guests.


A team on a mission

With deep experience across the hospitality, software, real estate and travel industries


John Andrew Entwistle

John Andrew is founder and CEO of Wander since he started the company in 2021. Previously JA was the co-founder and CEO of Coder.com, Forbes 30 under 30 and a Thiel Fellow.

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Kyle Tibbitts

Kyle has served as CMO at Wander since 2021. Previously, second marketing hire and Head of Brand Marketing at Opendoor and HotelTonight. He’s also the Founder of Paradox Capital.

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Karlene Holloman

Karlene has served as COO at Wander since 2024. Previously Karlene was CEO at Common.com and VP of Operations at Jour de Vivre Hotels (which was acquired by Hyatt in 2018).

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Nathan Potter

Nathan has served as CTO at Wander since 2021. Previously Nathan was Head of Product at Coder.com and before that a Backend Engineer at both National Instruments and at Target.

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Lauren Vargo

Lauren has served as VP of Finance at Wander since 2022. Previously, Senior Accounting Manager at Verizon, leading a team responsible for billions in assets.

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Chief of Staff

Matt Kowalewski

Matt joined Wander in 2021 as the first employee and serves as Chief of Staff. Previously, Matt was Founder of Iconic Reach (acquired by EngageBDR).

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Head of Sales

Emilia Sperandeo

Emilia joined Wander in 2024 as Head of Sales. Previously Director, Strategic Partnerships at Angi and Business Development Manager at HomeAdvisor

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Alex Bard

Alex Bard is Managing Director of Redpoint Ventures and led Wander's seed round. Prior to Redpoint, Alex was CEO of Campaign Monitor.

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Chuckie Reddy

Chuckie is Partner and Head of Growth Investments at QED Investors and led Wander's Series A. Prior to QED, spent 17 years at J.P. Morgan.

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Why we build

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We’ve all been there: you’re in desperate need of time away. The countdown is on. The bags are packed. You arrive at your vacation rental and…  It’s disappointing. It looks nothing like it did online. The WiFi is spotty. You can’t get a hold of your host. You’re left with a list of rules, from amenities that are off-limits to cleaning instructions before you check-out. Suddenly, you’re missing home. You reminisce about your own bed. You’re wishing you had booked a hotel.  Life has enough stress. Traveling should be an escape. We built Wander to help you find your happy place. We built Wander for you to create memories with the people you care about. We built Wander because the infrastructure to experience the world is broken, and you deserve better than that. We built Wander so that you could skip straight to the good part.  It starts with operating every single home on our platform, which means we have 100% control over the quality (high), the technology (smart), and the locations (inspiring). It means putting total home control at your fingertips through the Wander app, from opening the door to adjusting the lights to turning on the fireplace. It means getting the best of both worlds: the guarantees of a luxury hotel paired with the comforts (and space) of a home. It means peace of mind with 24/7 concierge service, so if you have questions – you’ll get answers, instantly. It means being able to unwind without having to unplug, with state-of-the-art workstations and super fast WiFi.  We believe humans are meant to explore the world, and that these experiences are best when shared. We believe a pioneering spirit – a call to blaze new trails and broaden our horizons – is embedded in our DNA. And we believe that, together with our customers, we can build a network of Wanders across the globe you can access with the push of a button.  When stunning settings and smart technology collide in just the right way, the result is something magical. An adventure that’s unexpected. An environment that stokes creativity and resets the mind. A sense of freedom and possibility that sticks with you long after you’ve checked out. Our product isn’t our app or inventory, but the feeling we deliver to our customers. The moments we create. We’re going places. Come join us.

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