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Wander’s network of smart homes in inspiring places empowers you with the freedom to live and work wherever you want.

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Transparent pricing
Hand-picked quality


Don’t just take our word for it.


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You don’t have to unplug to unwind. Every Wander is set up for remote work so you can blend work and play.

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Family trips

Wander is a friend to all ages (and pets). Make memories that will last a lifetime and book a family trip or reunion.

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Friend getaways

With amenities for every personality, grab some friends and split a Wander for your next group getaway.

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Book company retreats with itineraries in a few clicks. Treat your employees to an experience they won't forget.


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We’re going places and hope you'll join us. Become a Wander Member today for $200 annually and unlock the following benefits. For a limited time only.

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The pandemic forever shifted the way we live, work, and travel. 

For many of us, it unlocked the freedom to be anywhere — but the infrastructure to explore the world hasn’t caught up with this new reality. When we try to get away, we often find ourselves disappointed. Places that seem promising online turn out to have spotty WiFi, uncomfortable beds, and look nothing like the photos. 

We believe there’s a better way. It starts with owning every single home on our platform, which means we have 100% control over the quality (high), the technology (smart), and the locations (inspiring). It means total home operation is at your fingertips through the Wander app, from unlocking the door and turning on the lights to accessing the Tesla in the garage. It means we can offer transparent, all-in pricing with no hidden fees. It means we can deliver a remarkable travel experience that lets you seamlessly transition between work and play.

We believe humans are meant to explore the world, and that these experiences are best when shared. We believe a pioneering spirit — a call to blaze new trails and broaden our horizons — is embedded in our DNA. And we believe that, together with our customers, we can build a network of homes across the globe you can access with the push of a button. 

When stunning settings and smart technology collide in just the right way, the result is something magical. An adventure that’s unexpected. An environment that stokes creativity and resets the mind. A sense of freedom and possibility that sticks with you long after you’ve checked out. We’re going places — and we hope you’ll join us.

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