3 Best Local Activities Near Wander Telluride Falls

3 Best Local Activities Near Wander Telluride Falls

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If you are looking for something to do in Telluride, look no further. We put together a list of our top three things to do around town: At a local museum, you can learn more about Telluride's rich history, delving into Ute heritage, mining, and the town's evolution. Discover a charming independent bookstore established in 1974, boasting over 10,000 volumes and offering a cozy cafe to enjoy your literary finds. Enjoy a unique and breathtaking journey between two picturesque towns through an iconic mountain mode of travel operational since 1996.

Telluride Gondola Station

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Photo courtesy of Telluride Tourism Board 


Embark on a breathtaking journey between the picturesque towns of Telluride and Mountain Village, connected by the extraordinary, 13-minute ride on a free gondola that has been operational since 1996 and operated on electricity from wind power. This remarkable scenic attraction not only offers a seamless link between the two towns but also provides access to exhilarating hiking and biking trails in the summer, as well as access to the ski slopes in the winter. With daily operations, this unique mountain mode of travel offers a front-row seat to Mother Nature's beauty at 10,500 feet, boasting a mesmerizing elevation change and unforgettable views.

Between the Covers Bookstore

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Photo courtesy of Between the Covers Bookstore

  • Distance from Wander Telluride Falls: 1.7 miles 

  • Location: 214 W Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO 81435 

  • Hours: 8AM-6PM daily

  • Phone: (970) 728-4504

  • Website: www.between-the-covers.com   

Embrace the charm of literary exploration at Between the Covers, Telluride's cherished independent bookstore since 1974. With a treasure trove of over 10,000 volumes including books, magazines, maps, and greeting cards, this haven for book lovers is ready to fulfill your literary desires. For a delightful reading experience, visit Bruno, the intimate cafe named after the owners' beloved dog, where you can savor your newly acquired book in a cozy ambiance.

Telluride Historical Museum

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Photo courtesy of Telluride Historical Museum

  • Distance from Wander Telluride Falls: 1.8 miles 

  • Location: 201 W Gregory Ave, Telluride, CO 81435

  • Hours: 10AM-5PM Tuesday-Saturday; Closed Sunday & Monday 

  • Phone:  (970) 728-3344

  • Website: https://www.telluridemuseum.org/ 

Step into the rich tapestry of Telluride's past at the Telluride Historical Museum, where history comes alive through engaging annual exhibitions and a captivating permanent collection. Housed in a historic building that served as Telluride's hospital until 1964, the museum showcases artifacts spanning the region's Ute heritage, mining history, and the vibrant tales of skiing and festivals. With ten themed rooms featuring hands-on, interactive displays, each visit is a sensory journey through the town's diverse history. Closed during select off-season periods, the museum offers tours with advance arrangements, allowing visitors to delve into the captivating narrative of Telluride's evolution.

Telluride unveils its captivating stories through the lens of heritage, literature, and scenic trails that leave an indelible mark on each visitor. For more suggestions on how to enjoy this mountainous haven while staying with us at Wander Telluride Falls, our 24/7 Wander Concierge is here to help you. You can message them directly through the Wander app or via text at 737-377-3205. Happy exploring!

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