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Amenities Guide: Wander Orford Cliffs

Andi profile pictureAndiMay 16, 2024

Exterior Amenities

Hot Tub

  • How to Remove Hot Tub Cover:

    • Simply unbucle the straps.

  • How To Reset

    • If you are facing the hot tub, to the right there is a black box ( on the other side of the fence, next to the AC units ). You would open that box and pull out the place piece, then stick it back in. That should reset and allow the hot tub to turn on.

    • When you're all done using it, properly strap the hot tub cover back on as it gets extremely windy out there and the cover will blow off.


  • How to Open

    • It does not auto open - you have to control it using SmartThings or the Wander app.

Interior Amenities


  • Brand: Sonos Arc

  • How to Connect to Sonos:

    • Detailed instructions can be found here.

  • How to Reset Sonos:

    • Unplug the power cord. Press and hold the Join button ( or ) while reconnecting the power cord. If your product doesn’t have a Join button, you can instead press and hold the Play / Pause or Mute button while reconnecting power. Continue holding the button until the light flashes orange and white. The light will flash green when the process is complete and the product is ready to be set up. You can add your Sonos product back to your system by following the steps in our Add a new product to an existing Sonos system article.

  • How to Re-Add Sonos:

    • Open the Sonos app on your iOS or Android device. From the Settings tab, tap System > Add Product. Follow the on-screen prompts to add your product to your system.


Article picture


  • Brand: Zwilling 53102-0

  • Click here to view owner’s manual.


  • How to Turn On:

    • To turn on the dishwasher you hold down the on button until it begins to blink, then you close it and it takes 2 minutes after that to start.

  • How to Turn Off:

    • For you to turn off the dishwasher, you just have to hold the button down until the light turns off.

Refrigerator Drawer

  • Brand: Subzero ID-30R

  • Click here to view owner’s manual.


  • Brand: Ninja BL660

  • Click here to view owner’s manual.


  • Brand: Samsung Countertop Microwave MG11T5018CC

  • Click here to view specifications.


  • Brand: Gaggenau 400 Series Oven BO451611

  • Click here to view owner’s manual.


  • Brand: Miele T 8033 C

  • Click here to view owner’s manual.


  • Brand: Miele W3048

  • Click here to view owner’s manual.


  • Brand: Gaggenau VG 414 210 CA

  • Click here to view owner’s manual.

Coffee Maker

  • Brand: Nespresso

  • Click here to access the Owner's Manual.

  • How to Use Nespresso Machine:

  1. Make sure water is filled in the left compartment.

  2. Unlock the top of the machine by sliding the top chrome piece to the unlock position.

  3. Place Nespresso capsule into position with the round side facing down and foil part facing up.

  4. Close chrome part onto capsule and slide back into the locked position.

  5. Press the coffee cup button on top of the machine to dispense coffee.

You can also check out our Nespresso Machine Guide for Wander Homes.

Living Room

Article picture


  • Brand: Samsung

  • How to Use

    • You can access controls via the white Samsung remote. The projector will turn on and the screen will go up automatically. The projector can also be turned on via the iPad.

  • Click here to view owner’s manual.


Article picture

Hair Dryer

  • Brand: Dyson Supersonic

  • Click here to view owner’s manual.


Article picture


  • Brand: Johnson

  • Click here to view owner’s manual.


  • Brand: Peloton

  • Click here to view owner’s manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the breaker panel located?

    • The breaker panel is in the gym in the backroom on the left. When you go into the gym, you can push in the door at the back, and on the left, the breaker panel will be there!

  • Where are the utensils?

    • They’re in the cabinet all the way to the right - top drawer that pulls out.

  • How do I manage the temperature via the thermostat?

    • The controls can be accessed from the iPad and they can also be physically accessed in the closet behind the guest bedroom where they can be manually controlled.

  • How do I control the blinds?

    • The iPad is logged in to SmartThings so you should be able to control the blinds from there.

  • How do I control heating and air conditioning?

    • Both heating and air conditioning are available and are controlled through the iPad provided.

Need more troubleshooting assistance? Shoot Concierge a text to get started!

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