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Best Cafes in Black Hawk, CO

Coffee first, everything else comes second!

 Natalie Kowalewski
NatalieTravel Guide
Best Cafes in Black Hawk, CO

Experience the unmatched delight of a morning coffee by exploring a variety of unique coffee options near Wander Black Hawk through our brief guide. Whether you're craving a quick caffeine fix or looking for a breakfast or lunch spot, there are numerous cafes catering to your preferences. These establishments offer locally-roasted coffee, a range of blends, and delightful pastries. Here are more details about our top four suggestions: 

The Train Cars Coffee and Kava 

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Photo courtesy of The Train Cars Coffee and Kava

Indulge in sandwiches, mini-donuts, and locally roasted brews within the charming setting of vintage railroad coaches. Additionally, experience the calming effects of Kava, a plant extract, known for its ability to promote relaxation and contentment—an ideal alternative to coffee and a natural remedy for anxiety and nervous disorders.

New Moon Bakery and Cafe 

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Photo courtesy of New Moon Bakery and Cafe

  • Distance from Wander Black Hawk: 7.5 miles

  • Location: 1 W 1st St, Nederland, CO 80466

  • Hours: 6:30AM-2PM Monday-Friday; 6:30AM-4PM Saturday & Sunday  

  • Phone: (303) 258-3569

  • Website:https://www.newmoonbakery.com/ 

Indulge in exceptional baking at a rustic counter-service spot situated in a small mountain town, where locally roasted coffee, freshly baked pastries, and a varied selection of sandwiches and sweets await. Enjoy the cozy ambiance with indoor seating or relax on the spacious outdoor patio overlooking the picturesque mountain scape.

Tip: Explore the menu with available gluten-free and vegan choices, and please inquire with your server for specific information, as certain items may contain CBD.

Salto Coffee 

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Photo courtesy of Salto Coffee

  • Distance from Wander Black Hawk: 7.6 miles

  • Location: 112 E 2nd St, Nederland, CO 80466

  • Hours: 7AM-3PM Monday-Thursday; 1AM-6PM Friday & Saturday; 7AM-5PM Sunday 

  • Phone: (303) 258-3537

  • Website: https://www.saltocoffee.com/ 

Salto is a woman-run coffee haven, operating since 2012 and marrying mountain town vibes with craft coffee at 8,200 feet. Beyond offering excellent coffee, Salto strives to be a community hub, fostering connections over craft beverages and food, all within the breathtaking natural surroundings. With a commitment to sustainability, fair-trade, and organic choices, Salto's menu spans a delightful range of coffee, teas, and non-coffee options, complemented by a breakfast and lunch selection featuring flavorful burritos, gourmet sandwiches, and refreshing salads.

Melt Coffee 

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Photo courtesy of Melt Coffee

  • Distance from Wander Black Hawk: 6.4 miles

  • Location: 51 Main St, Rollinsville, CO 80474

  • Hours: 7AM-2:30PM Monday, Thursday, & Friday; 8AM-5PM Saturday & Sunday; Closed Tuesday & Wednesday 

  • Phone: (225) 278-0977

  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/Meltcoffeeyum/ 

A charming local coffee shop featuring a selection of coffee classics, including drip coffee, americano, macchiato, latte, chai, hot chocolate, and a delightful assortment of pastries.

Who doesn't love a good cup of joe? With the amazing views in Black Hawk, you don't need much to have a great time. All you need is a warm cup of coffee and your favorite pastry while you sit back and enjoy the Black Hawk charm. For more help, you can message our 24/7 Wander Concierge via the Wander app or through text at 737-377-3205. Have a great trip and see you soon at Wander Black Hawk!

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