Best Coffee Shops in Kure Beach, NC

Sip and Savor: Exploring Coffee Culture Around Kure Beach

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Best Coffee Shops in Kure Beach, NC

Delve into the vibrant coffee scene near Kure Beach, North Carolina, starting with a cozy spot that opened in 2018, offering signature lattes and a warm community atmosphere. Explore bagel delights at a cafe located five miles away, where classic favorites and inventive flavors await. Venture to a local island spot for an ultimate coffee experience, and discover a sustainable coffee haven with a diverse range of flavors. Conclude your coffee journey at a neighborhood hub, blending gourmet coffee, craft beer, and premium wines for a delightful and curated selection. Here is more information about our top 5 options:

Happy Hippies Java Hut

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Photo courtesy of Happy Hippies Java Hut

  • Distance from Wander Kure Beach: 1.1 miles

  • Location: 109 K Avenue, Kure Beach, NC 28449

  • Hours: 8AM-12PM Monday-Friday; 7:30AM-2PM Saturday & Sunday 

  • Phone: (910) 660-6386

  • Website: https://www.happyhippiesjavahut.com/ 

Visit Happy Hippies Java Hut, opened in July 2018 by Barb and Terry, where the warmth of their hospitality is as inviting as their signature lattes, non-coffee frappes, smoothies, coffee classics, and organic cold brew. Bring your pups along to add to the joy of meeting fellow travelers, creating a delightful community at this charming coffee haven.

Tip: Be sure to try the famous Mermaid Magic signature drink!

Island Bagels

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Photo courtesy of Island Bagels

Savor the local charm at this bagel haven, where classic favorites mingle with innovative flavors like spinach pepper jack and sun-dried tomato. This cozy bagel cafe offers a diverse menu, ensuring a delightful experience whether you're in the mood for timeless classics or ready to explore bold and inventive combinations.

Tip: Be sure to check out the Bagel of the Day, for some truly unique flavor combinations such as smores bagels!

Majik Beanz Espresso

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Photo courtesy of Majik Beanz Espresso

  • Distance from Wander Kure Beach: 3.6 miles

  • Location: 10 Lake Park Blvd S, Carolina Beach, NC 28428

  • Hours: 6:30AM-8PM daily 

  • Phone: (910) 599-1555

  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/majikbeanz/ 

Discover the ultimate coffee experience at this local island coffee shop, offering freshly-brewed coffee, expertly crafted espresso, lattes, and homemade Maola ice cream.

Malma Cafe

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Photo courtesy of Malma Cafe

  • Distance from Wander Kure Beach: 3.7 miles

  • Location: 108 Cape Fear Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC 28428

  • Hours: 7AM-2PM daily 

  • Phone: (910) 707-5077

  • Website: https://www.malamacafe.com/ 

Indulge in truly great taste at Mālama Cafe, where they proudly serve Counter Culture Coffee, offering a diverse range of flavors for every coffee lover. With a focus on fresh and healthy ingredients, their menu caters to those who seek nourishing and delightful options. As a business committed to sustainability, Mālama Cafe embraces the Hawaiian spirit of "Mālama," caring not only for its customers but also for the community and the environment. Experience the impact of healthy choices made in healthy ways and join them in making a positive difference.

Crush and Grind

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Photo courtesy of Crush and Grind

  • Distance from Wander Kure Beach: 3.8 miles

  • Location: 7 Harper Ave, Carolina Beach, NC 28428

  • Hours: 7AM-2PM Sunday-Thursday; 7AM-7PM Friday & Saturday 

  • Phone: (910) 707-0909

  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/crushandgrindinc/ 

Discover the essence of Crush and Grind, your neighborhood hub offering a blend of gourmet coffee, artisanal craft beer, and premium wines. Dive into a curated selection that promises quality and a delightful experience for every palate.

A good cup of coffee is never out of reach in Kure Beach. Whether it's at a cafe or from the Nespresso machine at Wander Kure Beach, you're bound to get your caffeine fix just the same. If you ever need help during your trip, please feel free to reach out to our 24/7 Wander Concierge . They're available to chat directly through the Wander app or via text at 737-377-3205.

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