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7 Best Summer Vacation Spots Around the World

Here's where to find good views and fun summer vibes!

Codeth Cameron
CodethContent Coordinator
7 Best Summer Vacation Spots Around the World

The team at Wander knows how to adventure. So trust us when we say grab your sunscreen and your passport because we’re about to take you on a ride to the best vacation destinations that will give you ultimate summer vacay vibes!

Explore the North Carolina Pasturelands near Wander Asheville Meadows

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When we think of taking a vacation, most times we find ourselves daydreaming about an international destination. But there is so much to explore locally.

Take the city of Asheville in North Carolina for example. It has a vibrant art scene, filled with historical architecture and not to mention, it has some of the best craft beer around.

What’s great about this vacation spot is that it’s just about 12 minutes away from Wander Asheville Meadows - the perfect place to call home in between your expeditions throughout the city.

It’s perfect because it’s surrounded by a large expanse of greenery with brightly coloured flowers which can all be seen from inside this quaint, yet modern house thanks to the large glass windows and doors all around.

The great outdoors is amazing for playing games for hours on end and for making new summer memories that will last a lifetime and a half. It’s simply the peace and easiness that you need from a summer’s day. So if you’re into good breweries, staying in a home with smart functionality, and you’re an art connoisseur at heart, then Asheville will be absolutely magical for you.

Walk with the Penguins in Chile

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Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Traveling a little south of the American border to Chile will be an unforgettable experience for a  true Wanderer. Apart from it having about seven different climatic zones, Chile has a lot to offer the lover of art and culture, good food and charming vineyards.

In the country’s capital, Santiago , you have countless opportunities to try Chilean cuisine with the plethora of restaurants to choose from. There are also malls, museums and so much more to explore.

But although Santiago is quite the charmer, the colorful collage of buildings in the port city of Valparaíso as well as the strong cultural presence seen through all forms of street art make it a formidable contender for the capital city.

When in Valparaíso, you go for the brightly colored, picturesque buildings that environ the city, but stay for the abundance of culture that permeates every corner. You’ll also want to try some sandboarding, skiing in the Andes, stargazing in the Atacama Desert and, drumroll please, walking with penguins! 

Chile is packed with many activities and opportunities to indulge in culture which makes it an amazing summer vacation spot for the culture buff and the lover of adventure!

Island Hopping in the British Virgin Islands

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Photo from Unsplash

A great way to enjoy much of the Caribbean in one trip is to visit the British Virgin Islands (B.V.I.). These islands are known for their great sailing and yachting scene and have the most perfect dive sites.

The beaches are also a part of the lure which is understandable since the fine, white sand meets the bluest blue waters at the shoreline there. Plus, because of how close the islands are to each other, all it takes is one boat ride and you’re in either Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, Virgin Gorda or any other British Virgin island you choose - the sea’s your oyster. 

The B.V.I. is a living mood board that will have you in a summer daze. Island hopping, yachting and tanning in one of “nature’s little secrets” is the summer vacation you deserve.

Time Travel through Tuscany, Italy

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Photo from Unsplash

From the almost perfectly preserved medieval city of Siena to the vineyards along the southern countryside, Tuscany has proven to be a vacation destination to rival all others.

To experience a very active Renaissance presence, Florence is where you’ll want to be. There are churches, museums and galleries with the works of many famous artists including, but not limited to Michelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo da Vinci.

There is also the medieval excitement of Palio di Siena where you’ll be engulfed by a sea of enthusiastic locals watching the jockeys race around Piazza del Campo in their district colors. Plus, if you’re a foodie, the summer months are the peak time to indulge in Italian food festivals (sagras) so that you can take a bite into true Italian cuisine.

But on top of all your renaissance time traveling, medieval racing, and food tasting, you can enjoy the simplicity of the colorful flowers in bloom, some tanning on the beach, and possibly the best ice cream you’ll ever taste.

And if you asked me, those are the true heart of summer and what makes Italy one of the poster children of the season.

Wine and Dine with a View, in Montenegro

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Photo from Unsplash

Though it’s a tiny country, the enjoyment factor packs a huge punch. History buffs will love it here with the various old towns at their disposal like Kotor and Herceg Novi filled with a melting pot of architectural styles coming from the French, Serbians, Turks, the Roman Empire and many others.

There are also churches, museums, fortresses, castles and other monuments to explore in these old towns. While visiting this country, you just have to enjoy some Mediterranean dishes with some local wine while overlooking  the mountainscapes and the meandering waters on a cliffside table at Horizont Restaurant. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy views of the bay and a romantic sunset. 

Road-tripping along the Serpentine Road and stopping at various lookout points and cafes is summer fun for the entire family. But if you’re looking for some nightlife, you can enjoy a typical summer’s day partying it up in Montenegro on a superyacht along the Budva Riviera.

There is so much to do in this hidden gem and it’s definitely worth unearthing for any summer vacation.

Dancing through the Streets of Greece

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Photo from Unsplash

Let’s face it, you watched “Mamma Mia” and have been wanting to take a carefree walk in flowy, white dresses and cool, cotton shirts through the streets of Greece ever since. But apart from the movie aesthetics, Greece has a lot more to offer to a summer vacationer.

Summer music festivals are a hit here. One to look out for is the Athens and Epidaurus music festival which combines theater and dance performances, visual art shows and children events - it’s a holistic display of Greek art and culture.

In addition to this, there are rooftop bars in almost all the cities in Greece, which is a great setting for a romantic dinner in the evening summer breeze while overlooking the islands.

And since I’m on the topic, island-hopping is another Greek adventure you can seek this summer. You can go by ferry by way of the traditional fishing boats or if you’re up for a little more excitement, you can rent a sail boat and travel to nearby islands, dipping your toe (or entire body) into the blue and green waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Adventuring in Seychelles

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Photo from Unsplash

Our final stop for now is another group of islands over in eastern Africa. Because what says “summer” more than an island getaway? This time we’re in Seychelles which has much to offer the adventurer. 

The northern islands are great for scuba diving with their amazing coral reefs, ravines and wreckages; rock climbing and zip lining for the more terrestrial adventurer, as well as hiking where you’ll encounter some of the most jaw dropping views of the islands. Bird watching in Vallée de Mai is another thing you can add to your list of Seychelles adventures too. 

Now, while island hopping is fun by land and sea, it’s an even more exhilarating adventure when done from the bird’s eye view. So think of hopping in a helicopter and seeing the islands of Seychelles from in the skies when booking your getaway. 

Memories are precious and vacations make some of the best ones; but what good is a summer vacation without souvenirs to prove that you went on one? Kaz Zanana is a great place to appreciate and buy art to take back home, but if you’re looking for a more lively scene to grab some souvenirs, the Victoria Bazaar is ideal for you. They sell almost everything there, so it’s almost guaranteed that there is something for all tastes to enjoy.

Where will you Wander next?

Summertime is one of the most exciting seasons - school is out, families get to spend more time together, and ice-cream isn’t reserved for only after dinner. Sometimes you’ll enjoy the season locally, and for those times, Wander has your back all over the United States with 10 vacation rentals and counting. And if you need some ideas for your overseas vacay, we also have you covered with blogs like this one! 

So while you think of your next overseas vacation destination, consider booking a Wander in the meantime so that you can be inspired to find your happy place no matter where you are for your future summer trips! Our 24/7 concierge team is always ready to help you with booking or any other requests you may have - just send us a text at 707-896-1524. 

We can’t wait to see where you wander next!

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