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Very Best Time to Visit St. George Island

Can’t decide when to plan your trip to St. George Island? Learn the best time to visit St. George Island and what each season is like here.

Micaela Koremblit
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Very Best Time to Visit St. George Island

Whether you’re trying to escape the bitter northern cold or take your summer to the next level, there’s never a bad time to enjoy an escape to St. George Island.

In the winter months, snowbirds arrive to soak in the peaceful serenity. They wander the beaches to find few footsteps and lonely, beautiful lapping waves. As the weeks pass, the sun continues to warm the golden sand, streets, and parks. Aunt Ebby’s ice cream parlor doors fling open, and the community comes alive.

Beauty and enjoyment are always in the eye of the beholder. Read on to find out the best time to visit St. George Island for you.

The Tourist Fluctuations on St. George Island

Tucked away in a gorgeous yet quiet section of Florida’s Forgotten Coast, those who have remembered this island tend to be from nearby regions. Nearby destinations of Panama City and Destin soak up the bulk of the travelers through the peak season.

If you’re traveling during the summer and early fall, you’ll want to book your Wander vacation ahead of time. But with your home away from home secured, don’t expect to find yourself amid a rush of tourists as you explore downtown.

The busy months of July through to October do see the island abuzz with activity. But it doesn’t lose its sleepy charm. It becomes atmospheric but not overwhelming with the beautiful weather providing a bounty of memorable days.

Come winter and spring, the island population ebbs and flows based on holidays and events. Snowbirds set up shop, leaving the snowy winter behind. Those who stay long enough will get to know their neighbors as well as their local spots.

The seasons here on St. George Island don’t showcase the extremes of other regions in the United States. However, the subtle differences can provide unique experiences worth exploring and offer a variety of fun things to do.

Spring on St. George Island

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Spring Weather

Not that we ever got cold during the winter, but those first spring rays touching SGI are as revitalizing as a Weber’s donut. To start spring, the temperatures linger in the low 60s but continue on their merry way into the high 70s.

Like the fall, this temperature range is great for exploring, especially through St. George Island State Park. But you’ll also find fewer vacationers outside of Spring Break.

Spring Activities

Those who love to fish will find the spring to be a great time to visit. Venture into the deep Gulf of Mexico to find the beginning of the season for fish mackerel, wahoo, and tuna, while flounder is a popular catch year-round.

Spring Events

If you need any more reason to visit in Spring, it also features the St. George Island Brewfest.

The St. George Island Brewfest has run since 2017 and marks the island’s official ascension into the warmer months. The festival brings the region’s best breweries to one place. This includes brews from Destin to Tallahassee.

Your ticket comes with unlimited tastings of over 150 beers. Don’t worry there will be plenty of local eats, food trucks, and treats to balance things out.

Summer on St. George Island

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Summer Weather

Summer is by far the hottest season on St. George Island, as I’m sure you guessed. Daytime temps can get as hot as 87°, with nighttime highs around 77° in July and August. Luckily, the ocean is the perfect place to cool down on days like those. 

Summer Activities

For many families, summer is their favorite time to visit the Forgotten Coast for a beach vacation. From Memorial Day through to Labor Day weekend, the island’s main town is a hive of activity, and you’ll find a mix of weekenders and families in their summer home.

For families, couples, and travelers looking to sunbathe, swim, and enjoy magical sunsets, this is the time to visit. The warm summer temps bring more rain than average, but any passing storm is well spent at the Blue Parrot Cafe or The Beach Pit (see our fave SGI restaurants here). To keep the night rolling, head to Harry A’s for live music, singo, and karaoke.

4th of July

It all reaches its zenith around the July 4th weekend. A fun, family-friendly festival atmosphere arrives on the island. Enjoy a family feast overlooking the coast, find a private spot in the state park, or join the festivities at SGI Public Beach. The choice is yours!

Fall on St. George Island

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Fall Weather

Each year the word continues to spread about how delightful St. George Island is in the fall. Temperatures during this time hover in the high 70s and dip into the mid-60s as winter starts to knock on the door.

Fall Activities

This time of year presents you with the most complete SGI experience. Warmer patches roll through, providing a summer-esque affair. These are great for lounging on the beach. To the contrary, those slightly cooler days are perfect for getting on board your kayak or bike and exploring the island. Thanks to migratory routes, fall is also prime birdwatching season.

Towards the beginning of fall, all those traveling to the barrier island will have the chance to spot sea turtle hatchlings here and on the nearby St. Vincent Island. Once November comes around, pop across the Apalachicola Bay to experience the Florida Seafood Festival.

Fall Events

A visit to historic Apalachicola is one of the best things to do on St. George Island. Here, for two days every November, the Florida Seafood Festival takes place.

The Gulf Coast becomes the place to indulge in amazing local seafood. But it’s not just about marine cuisine. Entertainment includes hilarious crab sake races, oyster eating and shucking contests, a festive parade, and live music.

Winter on St. George Island

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Winter Weather 

If you’re like me, too much summer will have you missing sweater weather. St. George Island is a great winter getaway from the snowy north.

Replace the white snow for white sand beaches and enjoy a family vacation here over Thanksgiving or Christmas. The mild temperatures are fantastic for wandering and shelling along the quiet beaches. On average, you can expect the lowest temperatures to be around 60° during the day and 48° at night but more often than not, it’s slightly warmer than that.

Winter Activities

Local businesses don’t shut through the winter, and the year-round residents ensure the vibe is relaxed but not boring. The state park remains open throughout the year, and you can also enjoy the annual Palm Tree Lighting, holiday markets, and the Downtown Christmas Celebration.

Winter Events

If you’re there for Christmas and NYE, why not stick around for February’s annual SGI Shrimp Fest?

St. George Island ShrimpFest is held in a gorgeous location adjacent to the St. George Lighthouse; ShrimpFest is a feast for the senses held in February. Local culinary experts converge on the scene to whip up some of the most memorable shrimp dishes. 

Alongside these eats, you’ll wander to the rhythm of the live music as you discover local artisans and great SGI small businesses.

When Is the Best Time to Visit St. George Island?

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St. George is a hidden gem along the Florida panhandle. Easy to reach but just far enough from the major destinations that it doesn’t see the large crowds. Those that do come know they’ve made a unique, rewarding choice.

Ultimately, deciding when to visit St. George Island comes down to preference, school holidays, and the type of traveling you’d prefer to do. If you have the luxury of traveling outside of peak times, you’ll find an ingratiating community. Arriving on the island during summer or Spring Break? The atmosphere is welcoming, family-friendly, and ultimately not a bridge stopping you from experiencing the island at its very best.

Whatever you’re after, there’s a best time to visit St. George Island for you; just be sure to secure your incredible beachfront vacation rental home well in advance!

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