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Best Winter Activities Near Wander Yellowstone Valley

 Natalie profile picture NatalieDec 12, 2023

Embrace the winter magic near Livingston, Montana, with an array of enchanting activities that promise to warm both body and spirit. Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of hot springs, delve into the rich history of a captivating museum, and embark on thrilling adventures like dog sledding through pristine snowscapes. Whether carving through the powder on skis or exploring serene trails on snowshoes, the winter wonderland surrounding Livingston invites you to discover the joy of the season in every frost-kissed moment. Here are our top 4 picks:

Chico Hot Springs

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Photo courtesy of Chico Hot Springs 

  • Distance from Wander Yellowstone Valley: 8 miles 

  • Location: 163 Chico Rd, Pray, MT 59065

  • Hours: 8AM-11PM daily (year-round)

  • Phone: (406) 333-4933

  • Website: https://www.chicohotsprings.com/ 

Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the open-air mineral hot springs pools, offering a chemical-free and geothermally heated oasis for year-round enjoyment. Whether you're captivated by the sunrise over the Absaroka Mountains or enchanted by the night sky, our pools provide a tranquil setting to soak, swim, play, and unwind. The hot springs, formed by the earth's molten rock superheating water beneath the surface, create a unique mineral-rich experience. Please note that the hot water temperature is a natural result of this process and cannot be adjusted. As the water journeys through the earth's layers, it dissolves minerals, creating the rejuvenating hot springs experience that awaits you at Chico.

Tip: Convenient day passes available for purchase at the Saloon, Poolside Grille, Guest Services, and Gift Shop. Rates are $14.00 for adults and children aged 7 and up, $8.00 for children aged 3-6, and seniors aged 65 and above. Enjoy access from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily, with optional towel rentals at $2.50 and lockers available for your convenience.

Yellowstone Gateway Museum

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Photo courtesy of Yellowstone Gateway Museum

Step into the past at the museum, housed in the historic 1906 North Side School, where permanent exhibits delve into native cultures, transportation tales, and early-day communities, while current and upcoming displays promise unique insights into history, art, and the celebration of Yellowstone National Park's 150th anniversary.

Tip: You can also experience the rich history of the region through online exhibits, including the inspiring "Exploring Yellowstone Through ART" and engaging weekly posts like "Glimmers of History," offering a virtual journey into the area's heritage.

Deep Creek Outdoor: Dogsledding

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Photo courtesy of Deep Creek Outdoor via Chico Hot Springs 

Embark on a thrilling Mill Creek adventure led by a team of 8-10 Alaskan Husky sled dogs and guided by an experienced musher. Enjoy the picturesque winter landscapes of Paradise Valley while seated or standing during the ride, and don't miss the opportunity to take photos with and pet the dogs at the finish line. With sessions available from December through March (conditions permitting), this 3-hour experience, priced at $300 for adults and $200 for kids, promises an unforgettable sledding journey in the heart of Montana's winter wonderland. Advanced reservations are required. 

Snowshoe + Cross Country Skiing

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Photo courtesy of Deep Creek Outdoor via Chico Hot Springs 

Experience the enchantment of a winter wonderland in the snow-capped mountains, where trails meander through trees and along valley bluffs. Snowshoeing or cross-country skiing adds an exhilarating touch to your exploration, while back at the resort, warm up with comforting hot toddies and cocoa. Deep Creek Outdoor organizes Snowshoe Safaris in Yellowstone's Lamar Valley, offering a full-day adventure with naturalist guides for wildlife viewing and backcountry winter ecology. Prices range from $350 per person for public trips to $895 for private trips (1-2 people), inclusive of transportation, meals, and equipment. Additionally, Rockin’ HK Outfitters provides guided snowshoe and ski trips from the Chico Horse Barn.

Whether tracing trails on snowshoes or carving through powdered slopes, the enchanting winter wonderland near Livingston beckons and promises an endless reservoir of joy in every frost-kissed moment, etching its magic into the fabric of your memories. Our 24/7 Wander Concierge can't wait to help make your trip to Wander Yellowstone Valley even more memorable. See you soon!

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