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Wander's Google My Business Listings

Here are links to Wander Home listings on Google My Business for reviews!

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Wander's Google My Business Listings

Pictured: Sarah Funky at Wander Cave Creek

Thank you so much for visiting this page!

Here you can find links to our google listings!

We are working on building up our Google reviews, so if you have visited, it would mean so much to us if you leave ones with any photos you have! I added some tips about Google listings at the bottom of this article in case you have your own business you're working on!

Wander's Google My Business Listings

Wander Hudson Valley

Wander Joshua Tree

Wander Cave Creek

Wander Anchor Bay

Wander Surfside Beach

Wander Tahoe Slopes

Wander Bandon Beach

Wander Asheville Meadows

Wander Homes with listings currently in review by Google:

Wander Hudson Woods

Wander Palomar Mountain

Do you have your own Google Business listings? Here are some tips!

1) Google reviews with photos are so helpful for the health of your listing

2) Google reviews are awesome since they are a trusted source for what people thing

3) When people are searching for locations, google tends to be the first place they search

4) When getting verified, it helps to have a website that matches the title of your business, so for example, the website for Wander Hudson Woods is our property page that has Wander Hudson Woods as both the title tag and url (adjustable in your site's code or content management system).

5) Including a phone number also helps to be verified, a plus if it is a google voice number!

6) Take your time when you initially set up your Google My Business listing, that initial information you add will determine what kind of verification is necessary (text, postcard, video, or video chat). Follow steps 4 and 5 to have the easiest experience!

7) You're verified, but wrote the wrong name? Don't delete and start over! It can be a difficult process to be re-verified for the same address!

8) Once verified, Google listings are super sensitive and have lots of filters to prevent any "spam" reviews. As long as they are real people who have been to your business, your listing will be safe.

9) Customers who have google accounts who have left other reviews seem to be recognized as the healthiest by Google.

10) When getting reviews, don't be afraid to ask your guests and customers for support 🙂

11) Leave reviews for other businesses you enjoy with your Google account! Google loves accounts who have left reviews and helps make Google better for everyone. Also besides the benefit to your account, it is just good vibes and the world needs more of that!

I've found the more good vibes you put out, the more the world tends to give you good vibes back, and this is certainly true for Google's beautiful algorithms!

If you'd like to hear me geek out more about Google algorithms, I'll be writing a blog about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) blog with tips for getting your site to ranking higher on Google Search!

Thank you for reading and visiting! I hope this inspires you to share your business with the world with a Google listing, and spread good vibes by leaving reviews for your favorite companies!

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