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Health and Medical: Wander Anchor Bay

Look no further for health tips and directions to medical facilities near Wander Anchor Bay

Codeth Cameron
CodethContent Coordinator
Health and Medical: Wander Anchor Bay

Making medical and health travel plans can sometimes be overlooked, but the Wander team thought about everything while thinking of you! Continue reading for health tips and guides to the medical facilities nearby Wander Anchor Bay.

Before Booking

Visit your doctor

Seaside Vacation Rentals Health

Before making any travel plans, ensuring that you’re healthy enough to make the journey should be a top priority.

There are many outdoor activities available in Anchor Bay like hiking, paddling, and surfing. This means that a check-up at your physician is recommended to ensure there aren’t any emerging or underlying health issues that may prevent you from participating in any of them. 

Also, check with your doctor on whether Wander Anchor Bay is a safe distance away from your home and whether or not air travel is suitable for you if you have any chronic illnesses.

Update all routine vaccinations

Seaside Vacation Rentals Health

Although vaccine-preventable diseases like chickenpox, measles and mumps aren't common in the United States, they can spread quickly among the unvaccinated. So just to be on the safe side, ensure your records are up to date before traveling cross-country or across waters. 

Get travel health insurance

Seaside Vacation Rentals Health

If you’re an international wanderer, remember to get travel health insurance so that any unexpected medical costs can be covered. This way, you won’t need to worry about financing any possible health complications while staying at your new home away from home.

After Booking

Once you have the go ahead from your doctor, you can start counting down the days until you’re face-to face with the views from your Wander home. 

Pack your medications and prescriptions

Seaside Vacation Rentals Health

In all the packing of the clothes, electronics and every other travel essential that’s thrown in your suitcase, remember to pack all your medications and prescriptions in the event that you need a refill while on vacation.

This includes EpiPens, insulin, inhalers, and of course, your glasses or contact lenses; because how else will you experience the true beauty of this coastal California getaway without your extra pair of eyes? 

Make a travel first-aid kit

Seaside Vacation Rentals Health

Little accidents on the road or on the trails are bound to happen. But as long as you have a first aid kit on deck, you will be just fine.

Be sure to pack alcohol, cotton pads, a few bandages and an assortment of ointments that can cover anything from cuts and bruises to allergic reactions.

Motion sickness medication will also come in handy in your homemade kit for our travel pals who just can’t handle the long drive or plane ride.

While in Anchor Bay

Once you’re settled in and geared up to take on your vacation adventures, don’t forget to bear in mind these tips and use this guide for contact information for medical centers near your Anchor Bay vacation home.

Listen to your body

Seaside Vacation Rentals Health

It’s always so tempting to dip your toe in a plethora of physical activities when traveling to a place that has such high adventure potential; and at Wander, we 100% support exploration and fun.

But we also value your well-being above all, so we encourage you to listen to your body and take a break when needed.

If you have respiratory, heart, joint or any other condition that may be triggered by a physical activity, be careful not to exert too much energy nor push past your limit. Drinking water to stay hydrated is also a very important component of any adventure. 

Connect with Nature

Seaside Vacation Rentals Health

Mental well-being is just as important as your physical health and this is a simple, yet effective way to improve the former. Many people use Wander homes for a workcation, and it can be so easy to forget to indulge in the “-cation” part of their trip.

So for times when the work gets a little overwhelming, just take a moment to reset in nature. You don’t need to go on a long hike, but just take a walk outside, take a few deep breaths of the fresh air and just be.

I’d also suggest watching and listening to the sound of the waves from one of the lounge chairs or the hammock available. The sounds made from the ebbing of the waves, paired with the smell of the ocean will definitely help you to unwind and de-stress.

Health Centers and Pharmacies Nearby

In the case of an emergency, calling 911 is always option one, but here are some nearby health centers you can visit for all your healthcare needs while staying at Wander Anchor Bay.

Redwood Coast Medical Services

Call to make an appointment with all listed health centers under the Redwood Coast Medical Services. For urgent care, call before arrival.

  • Gualala Health Center

    • Distance from Wander Home: 3.2 miles (5 minutes)

    • Address:  46900 Ocean Dr, Gualala, CA 95445 

    • Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM-6:00 PM; urgent Care, 7 days a week; on call on weekends and holidays

    • Contact Number: +1 (707) 884-4005

    • Website: http://www.rcms-healthcare.org/

  • Point Arena Medical Center

    • Distance from Wander Home: 11 miles (15 minutes)

    • Address:  30 Mill St, Point Arena, CA 95468

    • Hours: Monday to Thursday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

    • Contact Number: +1 (707) 882-1704 

    • Contact Number: http://www.rcms-healthcare.org/ 

Sonoma Valley Community Health Center

  • Distance from Wander Home: 13.8 miles (20 minutes)

  • Address: 10A Mamie Laiwa Road, Point Arena, CA 95468

  • Hours: Monday to Thursday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

  • Contact Number: +1 (707) 882-2877

  • Website: https://www.scihp.org/ 

Arena Pharmacy

  • Distance from Wander Home: 11miles (15 minutes)

  • Address: 235 Main St, Point Arena, CA 95468

  • Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM-5:30 PM

  • Contact Number: +1 (707) 882-3025

  • Website: https://www.pharmblue.com/

We want to make you feel completely at home while staying with us. So if any health-related accidents happen, we ensure that you know exactly who to call and where to go just like when you’re back home. 

Your Wander text concierge is available to you 24/7 to completely support you during your stay. So feel free to send a text and they’ll take care of you.

Home is where you wander, and we can’t wait for you to make yourself at home at Wander Anchor Bay! 

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