Introducing Split with Friends – An Industry First

Gone are the days of chasing your friends to pay you back with this new product update that allows you to split the cost of a trip with your guests in one easy click.

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Introducing Split with Friends – An Industry First

Everyone loves taking a group trip. But no one likes to be the person who has to book it. Who enjoys shelling out all the money upfront, then having to keep tabs on which friends paid you back and which ones you have to chase? I organized my sister’s bachelorette this past March and it took me until her wedding day in September to get back everything I was owed. 

Well, there’s cause for celebration. Gone are the days of having to send Venmo requests to your group. No more having to awkwardly remind that same friend several times to pay you back. Today, Wander announces Split with Friends.

When you go to book your next Wander, you’ll see a new feature to Split with Friends. Simply input the number of guests, pay your share, and we’ll reserve your dates for the next 48 hours. We wanted Split with Friends to be intuitive, so rather than having to input phone numbers or emails (that no one would know off the top of their head), you simply copy the link and share it in your group chat. Once everyone chips in, you’re all set for your next adventure.

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Wander is the first vacation rental company to implement this feature, and we are extremely excited to be able to offer it to you. In fact, we‘ve had multiple trips already booked with Split with Friends before even announcing it. Every now and then, you build a feature so awesome you know the world will try to copy it, and we believe this is one of those features. We’ve said from the beginning that we believe humans are meant to explore the world and that experiences are best when shared. We’re thrilled to make having those shared experiences a bit easier with payment splitting. Try it out for yourself now on the Wander app or watch a product demo on YouTube.

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