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Kure Beach Fishing Pier: What to Know

Enjoy all the Kure Beach Fishing Pier has to offer from fishing to shopping to family fun. Here’s what you need to know about the Kure Beach Fishing Pier.

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Kure Beach Fishing Pier: What to Know

For years, avid anglers have flocked to the East Coast in search of their next big catch, often landing in the coastal communities of the Carolinas. The waters of the Atlantic are home to a diverse array of coveted game fish, and Kure Beach is no exception. 

While you can go surf-fishing here or head out on a charter while staying at a Wander Kure Beach vacation home, perhaps the most promising way to reel in a big one is to cast a line off the iconic Kure Beach Fishing Pier.

Whether you’re looking for mackerel or flounder, you will likely find it in the waters surrounding this pier. To help you plan your next fishing adventure, we’ve created this helpful guide to everything you need to know about fishing at the iconic Kure Beach pier. 

About the Kure Beach Fishing Pier

Built in 1923 by Danish immigrant Hans Kure, the Kure Beach Fishing Pier is the oldest fishing pier on the Atlantic Coast. The pier originally served as a shipping dock used for importing goods into Kure Beach. This bustling pier soon evolved into an entertainment area with restaurants and attractions built around the beloved local landmark. 

Through the years, the pier has undergone many changes. Many hurricanes have taken aim at the pier, but no matter the damage, the pier was rebuilt every time. Currently, this 711 foot pier extends just over ⅛ of a mile into the sea. It stands 26 feet above the ocean, offering much deeper fishing than most other piers in the area. 

Today, this long pier is also home to a bait shop, concessions and souvenir shops, and an arcade attracting a wide variety of visitors of all ages. It has also been featured in several movies, including the 2022 Netflix film, “Along for the Ride.” 

Visiting the Kure Beach Pier 

  • Address: 100 Atlantic Avenue, Kure Beach, NC 

  • Open: Year Round, 24 hours a day 

  • Fees: Free

  • Rod Rentals: Starts at $5.00 per person for one rod and reel. 

The pier is open year round, but the Kure Beach Pier House is only open seasonally, from April 1st to November 30th. The pier and Pier House facilities (including restrooms) are open 24 hours during these days.

Visitors can stroll along the pier, taking in the sweeping ocean views of the Atlantic for free. It’s essential to be mindful of the fisherman, as the pier can get crowded with anglers in search of a prize catch. Those wishing to fish will need to purchase a fishing pass.

Activities at the Kure Beach Fishing Pier

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Kure Beach Fishing Pier is very much the heart of Kure Beach and arguably one of its biggest attractions. While this quiet beach town doesn’t have many of the bustling attractions of bigger beaches, it’s easy to spend a day at the pier and surrounding beach. 

Stroll the Shores

If you’re not looking to fish, you can stroll along the beach and then spend the day on the sandy shores below enjoying the ocean. You’ll find that the pier contains a well-stocked store where you can grab beach gear or snacks from the concession stand. 

Grab an Ice Cream and Shop

After a long, hot summer day, you can grab an ice cream cone and reward yourself with an excellent sweet treat. In addition to snacks and beach gear, the pier store also offers many novelty souvenirs, perfect for taking home to remember your trip. 

Fun at the Pier House

When you need to escape the heat and do something indoors, the back of the Pier House contains a small game room. This space is equipped with a variety of arcade games, several pool tables, and a foosball table. 

Attend a Fishing Tournament

The pier also hosts many events and activities, including several fishing tournaments. Perhaps the most popular are the Keli Wagner Lady Angler Tournament and the Cape Fear Disabled Sportsman Fishing Tournament.

The latter brings in hundreds of participants and visitors annually. Participation in this tournament is free for disabled fishermen.

Fishing at the Kure Beach Pier

Daily fishing passes are available seasonally but are generally $5 for a basic rod and reel or up to $16 if you want to fish for sharks or King Mackerel. 

Permits expire at midnight on the date purchased. You are not required to have a fishing license to fish on the pier. Bait and tackle are available for purchase in the pier house.  

When visiting in the off season, you are allowed to fish off the pier without a permit. However, guests are expected to respect the property and abide by the posted rules. As the pier is family-friendly, no alcohol is allowed on the premises. There is free parking available at the pier but it is limited. 

Types of Catch at the Pier

The warm waters of the Gulf Stream meet the cooler currents along the shores of Kure Beach, creating a diverse marine ecosystem along the shores. While fishing at Kure Beach Fishing Pier you’ll have the opportunity to reel in many different species, including: 

  • Spanish Mackerel

  • Flounder

  • Red Drum

  • King Mackerel

  • Bluefish

  • Pompano

  • Pig Fish

  • Sea Bass

  • Whiting

  • Sharks

Fishing Regulations at the Pier 

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is responsible for managing fishing regulations for the coast. These regulations are in place to protect marine life and sustain healthy populations of different fish species in the sea. 


In North Carolina, fishing regulations are commonly specific to different species. There are typically size limits and bag limits in place for most species. Bag limits are how many of that specific fish can be caught per person. Size limits are usually a minimum or maximum length and measured from the tip of a fish’s snout to the fork of its tail. 

Protected Species

Some fish are considered protected species and, if caught, must be released. Many species have closed seasons, meaning they are unlawful to possess at certain times of the year. This most commonly applies to crustaceans and shellfish. 

It is important to note that fishing regulations are subject to change, and you should always check the site before your visit to be sure. 

Activities Around the Pier

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While it’s easy to spend the day fishing on the pier, there are other attractions close by that are worth a visit. 

North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher

One of three North Carolina Aquariums, the Aquarium at Fort Fisher offers a unique look at the diverse marine ecosystem that can be found in the region. With interactive displays, touch tanks, and living marine habitats, visitors get an immersive glimpse into aquatic life and the wonders of the sea off the Carolina coast. 

Fort Fisher State Recreation Area and Historic Site

Visitors to Fort Fisher State Historic Site can view the remains of what was once the Confederacy’s largest coastal fortress. This oceanfront park is home to a scenic trail shaded by live oaks that winds through the remains of the fort. 

Also on the property, you’ll discover the restored palisade fence, a seacoast gun, and the Visitors Center, which contains exhibits and artifacts, as well as a small gift shop and souvenir area. 

Carolina Beach State Park

Located just a few miles north of Kure Beach, you’ll find Carolina Beach State Park. This park offers lots of activities for outdoor enthusiasts, including scenic hiking trails and riverfront docks, perfect for launching a kayak and trying your luck at freshwater fishing. You’ll find diverse coastal wildlife and plant species here, including the unique carnivorous plant, the native Venus Flytrap. 

Reel in your Next Big Catch at Kure Fishing Pier

When you’re looking for a leisurely fishing vacation spent casting a line in the ocean from the comfort of a scenic ocean pier, there is no better spot than Kure Beach. 

Make the most of your vacation by booking with our Wander beach house. This premier property is the perfect spot to fry up the day's catch while enjoying the sweeping ocean views, a private pool, and direct beach access.

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