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Luxury Vacation Rentals Tahoe

Check this out for the best luxury vacation rentals in Tahoe!

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Luxury Vacation Rentals Tahoe

Tahoe is a scenic paradise, featuring crystal-clear lakes, rushing streams, and majestic mountain peaks. With over 300 miles of hiking trails in forests,  mountains,  and meadows, Lake Tahoe is ideal for hiking and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a beginner, looking for easy walks along the shoreline or stimulating ascents to mountain peaks, hiking in Lake Tahoe is sure to be a surreal experience, and you can definitely find a trail that suits your interests and abilities. The area also boasts a number of outdoor activities for those looking to unleash their wild side. 

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We will be highlighting the most fun activities in and around Lake Tahoe, as well as the best luxury vacation rentals near them, to help you start planning for your next trip to the jewel of the Sierra!

Step #1: Research Luxury Vacation Rentals in Tahoe 

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Luxury vacation rentals in Tahoe offer the perfect combination of comfort, access to luxury amenities, and stunning scenery, making them the ideal choice for those who want to experience Tahoe in style. Let’s take a look at what makes luxury vacation rentals in Tahoe so special, as well as some things you should consider before booking your stay.


The luxury vacation rentals in Tahoe are situated in some of the most beautiful and secluded areas in and around the lake. You can enjoy picturesque views of the lake as well as some peace and privacy.

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Luxury Amenities

How do you know you’re in a luxury vacation rental? You need only refer to their list of amenities. These include but will not be limited to private pools, hot tubs, gourmet kitchens, exclusive clubhouses, secluded beaches, a gym in the house, and a butler. These rentals have everything you need to enjoy your stay in Tahoe to the fullest and their staff will go out of their way to ensure that guests have nothing short of an incredible experience. 


In Tahoe, there’s a variety of sizes and vacation rental styles to choose from if you are planning corporate retreats, couples getaways, and family reunions. Whether you're looking for a cozy cabin, a modern mansion, or a spacious villa, you are sure to find it. Additionally, many of these rentals offer flexible accommodations, such as pull-out sofas or bunk beds, so that you can easily accommodate additional guests or children.

Privacy and Seclusion

The main benefit of staying in a luxury vacation rental is privacy. Unlike hotels and other types of holiday rentals,  Wander luxury vacation rentals are deliberately situated in secluded areas where you can enjoy peace and quiet. This means that you can chill and unwind without being exposed to noise or crowds. Additionally, many rentals offer private outdoor spaces, such as decks or patios, where you can enjoy the stunning scenery in solitude.

Step 2: Book the Best Luxury Vacation Rental: Wander Tahoe Slopes

Lake Tahoe Vacation Rentals

Wander luxury vacation rentals, like Wander Tahoe Slopes, offer tailored experiences for their guests. Whether you're looking for a private chef to prepare gourmet meals or access to a concierge to help plan your activities. This level of customization is what sets Wander luxury vacation rentals apart from other vacation rentals and hotels.

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Tucked in the mountains of the world-class Northstar Resort, the luxury home features direct access to the Timberline Triple Lift and a private hot tub that is open 12 months a year so you can après year-round. Here is a list of the outstanding amenities you’ll find at Wander Tahoe Slopes.

  • Barbecue grill

  • Outdoor dining

  • Parking for 6 vehicles

  • Wi-Fi Networking Equipment

  • 4 Workstations

  • Smart home technology

  • Gym

  • Smart TVs

  • Fire pits

  • Hot tub

  • Sauna

  • Ski-in/ski-out

  • Eight Sleep Pod Pros

  • Crib

  • Heat & AC

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Step #3: Take an Adventure, Explore Tahoe

Thousands of people come to Tahoe to let out their adventurous side and take part in the numerous outdoor activities the lake has to offer. These recreational activities include hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and even boating. Many rentals are located in close proximity to ski resorts, hiking trails, and other outdoor attractions. Here are the top 6 main attractions you should check out before leaving Tahoe!

Lake Tahoe Activities

Northstar Resort

This resort is one of the premier ski resorts in Tahoe, offering world-class winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowshoeing, and tubing, as well as access to a variety of on-site dining and shopping options. Many luxury vacation homes located near Northstar Resort like Wander Tahoe Slopes offer convenient access to the resort's activities and amenities. and feature amenities such as hot tubs, fireplaces, and ski-in/ski-out access. With luxurious furnishings and stunning views of the surrounding mountains, Wander Tahoe Slopes is the perfect retreat after a day on the slopes!

South Lake Tahoe Beaches: 

South Lake Tahoe is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the area, such as Zephyr and Pope Beach. The Beach Retreat & Lodge, and the Basecamp South Lake Tahoe offer access to these beaches, as well as amenities such as pools, hot tubs, and on-site restaurants.

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Emerald Bay State Park 

Emerald Bay State Park is one of the most popular destinations for hiking and sightseeing in Tahoe. Cedar Glen Lodge offers easy access to the park's trails, as well as amenities such as fireplaces and outdoor seating areas to enjoy the stunning views.

Heavenly Ski Resort

Situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Heavenly Ski Resort is one of the most popular destinations for winter sports in Tahoe. Vacation rentals such as the Tahoe Seasons Resort, and the Marriott Grand Residence Club offer easy access to the ski resort, with ski-in/ski-out options available. These luxury vacation rentals also provide hot tubs, fitness centers, spas, and saunas to help guests relax after a long day on the slopes.

Tahoe City

Tahoe City is a charming town on the north shore of the lake, known for its boutique stores, and galleries. Vacation rentals like the Cottage Inn offer easy access to the attractions Tahoe City has to offer.

Incline Village

Incline Village is a charming town on the northeast shore of the lake, known for its beaches, golf courses, and casinos. The village is within proximity of vacation rentals such as the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, and the North Lake Lodges & Villas, which offer easy access to amenities like spas, fitness centers, and on-site restaurants.

Step #4: Download the Wander App

To experience the best Lake Tahoe has to offer download the Wander app and book your first trip to Wander Tahoe Slopes. First-time bookers can text Wander Concierge for inquiries and discount codes from Brands like Herman Miller and UpLift Desk. If you’ve already experienced all the magic that Wander Tahoe Slopes has to offer, you’ll fall in love with the rest of Wander’s catalog of luxury homes, which you can find on the Wander website or app.

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