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Top 4 Activities in Big Sur, California

Top 4 Activities in Big Sur, California

 Natalie profile picture NatalieMay 16, 2024

Nestled along the dramatic California coastline lies the little town of Ragged Point—a true hidden gem. With its breathtaking cliffs, crashing waves, and panoramic vistas, this coastal paradise offers an abundance of activities to captivate the hearts of nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Ragged Point and its surrounding areas have an array of exciting experiences waiting to be discovered within a 30-minute drive from Wander Big Sur Coast. Here are some of our favorite activities to do in Big Sur, California.

Piedras Blancas Light Station 

Article picture

Photo courtesy of Bureau of Land Management

Sitting atop windswept cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Piedras Blancas Light Station stands as a sentinel of history and a beacon of coastal charm. This iconic lighthouse invites visitors to step back in time and explore its fascinating past.

As you approach the station, the sight of its elegant white tower contrasts with the backdrop of blue waters. Take a guided tour through its well-preserved corridors, where you'll hear captivating stories of the keepers who once tended the light, dating back to 1875.

Tip: Bring binoculars if you have them handy to view the seals and wildlife in the distance. Visitation is by reservation only and tickets must be purchased in advance. Please note, pets are not allowed on the premises. Ticket prices range from $5-$10. 

Hearst Castle

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Photo courtesy of King of Hearts/Wikimedia Commons

  • Distance from Wander Big Sur: 14.8 miles  

  • Location: 750 Hearst Castle Rd, San Simeon, CA 93452

  • Hours: 9AM-6PM daily 

  • Phone: (800) 444-4445

  • Website: https://hearstcastle.org/ 

This iconic mansion stands as a testament to the opulent vision of media magnate William Randolph Hearst. As you approach this 20th Century castle, you'll be greeted by the awe-inspiring sight of its majestic towers and exquisite Mediterranean-inspired façade.

Each room is adorned with magnificent art, antique furnishings, and ornate tapestries, reflecting Hearst's eclectic tastes and his extensive art collection. From the elegant Neptune Pool, with its Greco-Roman statues and marble details, to the opulent Assembly Room, where Hollywood's elite once gathered for lavish parties, every corner of Hearst Castle exudes a sense of grandiosity. 

Tip: Admission is $30 for adults and $15 for children. Specialty tours have added fees. Please plan to arrive 25 minutes prior to the scheduled tour time.

This will allow for parking, amenities, and tour ticket pickup. The visitor’s center has a restaurant with a variety of food options if you're looking to grab something to eat before or after your visit.

MBNMS Coastal Discovery Center

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Photo courtesy of MBNMS

Step into this engaging educational center, designed to captivate young imaginations and ignite a love for the ocean. Through interactive exhibits, hands-on activities, and captivating displays, kids will embark on a thrilling journey of discovery.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to guide your family through the exhibits, sharing fascinating facts and answering any questions your curious youngsters may have.

Tip: Check out the calendar online for more information about upcoming events and activities.

Cambria Pickleball

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Photo courtesy of Cambria Pickleball

  • Distance from Wander Big Sur: 22.2 miles 

  • Location: 1350 Main St, Cambria, CA 93428

  • Hours:  8am-dusk (or 7:30pm, whichever is earlier)

  • Website: https://cambriapickleball.net/

Calling all pickleball enthusiasts! If you're up for some friendly competition, come to a local game of pickleball. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the sport, their courts are open and ready for some thrilling matches.

For non-members, there's a drop-in fee of $3/person in the morning. On the other hand, the courts are open to the public for free in the afternoon.

Top off your trip to Big Sur, California with a stay at Wander Big Sur Coast. Apart from boasting stunning views of the coast, this gorgeous property also has a hot tub, movie room, and gym for the perfect California getaway. Our Wander Concierge team is just on standby for any questions you may have.

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