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5 Best Breweries near Wander Yellowstone Valley

5 Best Breweries near Wander Yellowstone Valley

 Natalie profile picture NatalieMay 15, 2024

Discover a diverse selection of local establishments, ranging from historic venues with rich Montana experiences to a well-loved bar and grill offering varied dining options. Explore a century-old cultural hub, featuring microbrew delights and live music events. Immerse yourself in meticulously crafted entertainment with 21 and over shows and a full bar for a unique auditory and visual experience. Together, these destinations contribute to a vibrant and diverse culinary and entertainment scene near Livingston, Montana. Follow along for more details about our top 5 suggestions:

Katabatic Brewing Company

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Photo courtesy of Katabatic Brewing Company

  • Distance from Wander Yellowstone Valley: 19.2 miles  

  • Location: 117 W Park St, Livingston, MT 59047

  • Hours: 12PM-9PM daily 

  • Phone: (406) 333-2855

  • Website: https://www.katabaticbrewing.com/ 

As a tribute to the eclectic mix of artists, cowboys, and fishermen in Livingston, the brewery aims to create a welcoming, family-friendly space that brews beers for every palate, capturing the essence of Montana's spirit. With a focus on quality and passion, the hard-working beer enthusiasts at this brewery take pride in crafting a diverse range of brews, from barrel-aged Stouts to well-crafted Lagers and world-class IPAs. Beyond exceptional beers, the Livingston taproom serves as a dynamic social hub, hosting vibrant events and embodying the lively spirit of the town.

Old Saloon

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Photo courtesy of Old Saloon 

  • Distance from Wander Yellowstone Valley: 8 miles

  • Location: 210 Railroad Ln, Emigrant, MT 59027

  • Hours: 10AM-2AM daily 

  • Phone: (406) 333-4482

  • Website: https://www.oldsaloonmt.com/ 

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich history of Montana at the Old Saloon, a cherished establishment that has been a beacon of hospitality since 1902. Nestled in Paradise Valley, this iconic venue has weathered over a century by providing an authentic Montana experience, welcoming everyone from hard-working ranch hands to global travelers and even celebrities seeking refuge in Paradise Valley. Beyond its storied past, the Old Saloon is a living testament to Montana's heritage, offering good food, drinks, and live music, creating a unique and timeless atmosphere. On the menu you’ll find a variety from breakfast delights like the rancher special and huevos rancheros to dinner entrees such as Elk Medallions and Seared Salmon, every dish narrates a story of local history and culinary craftsmanship.

Emigrant Outpost

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Photo courtesy of Emigrant Outpost

This local bar and grill seamlessly blends a warm ambiance with diverse dining options, including dine-in and convenient curbside pickup. The menu boasts unbeatable pizzas with adventurous toppings and juicy, handcrafted burgers paired perfectly with famous garlic fries. Beyond the mouthwatering fare, Emigrant Outpost has a welcoming atmosphere and regular music nights, creating a home away from home for both locals and tourists.

Murray Bar

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Photo courtesy of The Murray Block 

  • Distance from Wander Yellowstone Valley: 19 miles

  • Location: 201 W Park St, Livingston, MT 59047 (Inside the Historic Murray Hotel) 

  • Hours: 12PM-10PM Thursday-Saturday; 12PM-8PM Sunday; 4PM-8PM Monday-Wednesday 

  • Phone: (406) 222-9463

  • Website: https://www.murrayblock.com/murraybar 

Immerse yourself in over a century of local culture at The Murray Bar, the vibrant heartbeat of this charming town. Boasting a lively atmosphere, it stands as the go-to spot, more bustling than any other, emphasizing that dining in a bar is undeniably more enjoyable than drinking in a restaurant. Elevating the experience, The Murray Bar delights patrons with a selection of coveted microbrew beers, predominantly crafted in Montana, making it a hub for beer enthusiasts.

Tip: Check out the website for a rotating calendar of live music events!

The Attic Montana

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Photo courtesy of The Attic Montana

  • Distance from Wander Yellowstone Valley: 19.3 miles

  • Location: 110 N Main St, Livingston, MT 59047

  • Hours: Vary based on event

  • Phone: (406) 222-6106

  • Website: https://www.theatticmontana.com/ 

The Attic is a meticulously crafted entertainment venue, seamlessly blending 1800s charm with contemporary design for an aesthetically pleasing and acoustically impeccable atmosphere. Dedicated to the authentic experience of music, the venue hosts 21 and over shows, offering a full bar for an unparalleled auditory and visual delight.

Tip: Check out the website for more details on upcoming events and to purchase tickets

Livingston has a rich tapestry of culinary and entertainment offerings with local gems like these that encapsulate the essence of Montana's cultural vibrancy. With the diverse array of experiences, Montana promises an unforgettable journey through this charming town's lively spirit.

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