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Ultimate Packing List for Luxury Ski Vacations

Ski trips are the most fun, but less so to pack for. Here's a helpful checklist so you can hit the slopes and avoid the ski shops when you get to your destination.

Proper Peaks
Proper PeaksGuest Blogger
Ultimate Packing List for Luxury Ski Vacations

Heading on a luxurious ski vacation is an extremely memorable experience. Packing for one, not so much. Fortunately, before you head off on that luxury ski vacation, you’ll be able to go down this list and check stuff off one by one. Once you are through it, you will be able to board the plane with confidence that you didn’t forget anything.

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Taking the Right Luggage for Skiing

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling to a week long ski vacation in Vail or getting together with friends to ski in Tahoe, packing for a luxury ski vacation will be similar. Generally, you’ll need two types of luggage for a ski vacation. One for your skis or snowboard and another set for all your clothes. Start off by just focusing on your ski gear or your clothes.

If you plan to start with your skis or snowboard, you’ll need to put the following into your gear bag:

  • Boots

  • Poles

  • Skis or Snowboard

  • Goggles

  • Helmet

Pro tip: If you have a separate ski/board bag and boot bag – don’t fret. Most airlines will count these as one piece of collective ski equipment, even if they’re two separate bags. Though, it’s always best to check with your airline provider. There are also many great boot bag backpacks out there which makes lugging the multiple bags much easier. 

After that get out your luggage for your clothes. Hard shell luggage is better than soft for a ski trip because you’ll usually encounter some type of snow flurry. You don’t want your luggage getting soaked through.

Packing Layers for a Luxury Ski Vacation

As you fill up your hard suitcase, make sure you pack items such as thermal leggings and tops, a light fleece or waterproof jacket with a hood, as well as a pair of warm gloves and a winter hat. You are going to want to pack extra layers of clothing depending on the duration of your ski vacation.

This means taking multiple pairs of good wool socks and tops. Expect to use up a set each day you are on the slopes. One benefit of staying at both Wander Tahoe Slopes and Wander Vail Valley is that they each have their own washer/dryer, so you can wash your clothes during your stay and pack a bit less. Ski clothes can definitely get heavy, and you tend to have your favorite pieces that you just want to re-wear anyway, so this is a good solve for keeping them fresh and your suitcase light. 

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Stuff in Your Ski Jacket and Pants

The next two items you have to check off are your ski jacket and pants. You might be thinking no one would forget these but the excitement of a luxury ski vacation can be overwhelming. Don’t miss out on getting these two critical items into your luggage.

Don’t Forget The Miscellaneous Items

By now you are probably getting piles on the floor or by the door. To top off your packing, don’t forget to bring the following items as well:

  • Chapstick. (Make sure it has SPF!)

  • Sunscreen. (Don’t let the winter weather deceive you. UV rays reflect off the snow and you can get burnt just as if you’re at the beach!) 

  • Headphones (We do not recommend wearing these on the mountain.) 

  • Phone and electronic chargers (If you forget, your Wander home will also have bedside phone chargers for you!) 

  • Earplugs or eyemasks for sleeping if needed

  • Cash

  • Slippers or fuzzy socks 

  • Comfy clothes

  • Resort passes

One item that Proper Peaks always recommends traveling with is travel boot dryers. They can be a lifesaver when it is day 3 and your ski boots are damp. Wander Vail Valley also has boot warmers on premise for you! 

Once you have what you need in your bags, run through the list again to be safe. A lot of leaving stuff at home can be avoided if you pack early and slow down during the process.

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What if You Forget Something at Home

It is worth highlighting that if you forget something at home, don’t stress over it. Look forward to your vacation. After all, you can pretty much source anything you need near a large resort anyway. 

If you get to your accommodation and really need something, you can even Amazon it, if it is a make or break. 

Packing for a Luxury Ski Vacation: Final Thoughts

Look at the packing process as a positive for your ski vacation. It means you are one step closer to hitting the trails. As long as you approach packing with a list approach, it’s unlikely you’ll forget anything. Put you bags by the door, mark the calendar and enjoy your ski vacation.

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