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Wander Stories: Pet-Friendly Workcation in Port Orford

Come along for Judy Abad's Oregon workcation at Wander Orford Cliffs, complete with loved ones (including her goldendoodle Bailey)

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Wander Stories: Pet-Friendly Workcation in Port Orford

Work remotely, love to travel, but don't like to leave your dog out of the fun? You're not the only one. Judy Abad and husband Pablo took their beloved pooch Bailey on a break to the Oregon coast that was filled with hikes and Pacific Ocean views (while still getting work done).

Discovering Wander

Judy first heard of Wander in a funding announcement article. Having struggled to find a place from which she could work reliably and enjoy a change of scenery, it piqued her interest. An avid home chef (and cookie connoisseur), she was looking for the quality of a hotel, while still having the comfy amenities a home offers - like a kitchen stocked with appliances and cooking utensils. Craving an off-the-beaten path destination, Wander Orford Cliffs seemed like a perfect fit for her family.

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Bailey chilling out at Wander Orford Cliffs.

Being productive while traveling

With a long career in tech, and an investor through her own fund Abad Capital, Judy's home office is designed for comfort and productivity, from Herman Miller chairs to Yeti microphones. She was thrilled to find that the workstations at Wander Orford Cliffs were almost exactly the same as what she has at home (with the added bonus of amazing views). 

“The views of the Pacific Ocean just simply couldn't be beat. We'd occasionally see hawks or other birds flying by, and it was such a wonderful reminder to take a breath, pause, and reflect on how wondrous life is," Judy shared.

The stunning setup had her feeling refreshed and re-energized. “I felt so happy the entire time I was there, even when the work days were long. It was just so indescribably beautiful and relaxing to have floor-to-ceiling views of the ocean."

When traveling with a companion, working remotely can be even more of a challenge. But, Wander was perfect for Judy and her husband. "The setup was so comfortable for two people. We were as productive as we normally are in Port Orford," she shared.

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One of two desk setups at Wander Orford Cliffs, where Judy and her family stayed.

Decompressing after work in nature :

After long work days at Wander Orford Cliffs' two workstations (one on each side of the home), decompressing in the beautiful nature nearby was a reprieve during their stay.

“We both had a pretty full schedule during the day, so it was nice to have separate spaces where we could work. We actually found it easier to balance work & play, just because play was so close."

When it came to bringing work and life into harmony, nature helped give both perspective and a re-charge:

“Being outdoors and in nature helped us relax and decompress from the day. I truly felt like just seeing the ocean every day improved my creativity and well-being. I would say to anyone that it’s important to block out before, during, and after your work day for you to recharge and do things for yourself," she advised. "If you don’t block it out, work can tend to bleed into all areas of our life, especially when working remote. It’s easy to get stuck in front of the computer!”

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Bailey and Pablo exploring Port Orford, Oregon

Enjoying a workcation with their beloved dog Bailey

Having their adorable goldendoodle Bailey welcome at Wander during their stay made it extra special.

“Bailey is an adorable 30 lb dog who loves running around outside, so it was really nice to let him enjoy the stillness of life outside a big city. We loved our morning walks with Bailey in the neighborhood, our lunchtime ritual of heading to Battle Rock Coffee, and could easily walk to a hiking trail in the afternoon at Port Orford Heads State Park.”

All Wander homes are pet-friendly, and we were thrilled to hear Bailey had a good time! We have pet-friendly guides for many of our locations - or you can take it from Bailey:

“Bailey loved Port Orford! He loves being outdoors, eating grass, rolling around in it, etc. There were so many dog-friendly hikes in Port Orford, which was so wonderful. He even got to explore the Cape Blanco lighthouse with us. He also loved being in the Wander House. Bailey loved to spend time looking out the windows and napping on the carpet.”

Judy also shared some "human" tips for planning a trip to Port Orford:

“I love using All Trails to map out what hiking trails to do. We loved the Blacklock Point Trail, Hanging Rock Trail, and Cape Blanco Lighthouse in particular. We will definitely be back to hike more! The locals were so helpful and always giving us tips on things to do. We went to both Redfish and Tony’s Crab Shack based on local recommendations. They were delicious!”

A happy place

When asked to describe her happy place, Judy noted oceans and nature:

“I am in my happy place when I am in a place where I get to spend a lot of time outdoors by the ocean. Wander Orford Cliffs was perfect for this! I woke up happy every day with those gorgeous views of the ocean. Even though it was a workcation, it was so lovely to get to spend time somewhere relatively remote (compared to San Francisco) and be within walking distance to beautiful hiking trails.”

Article picture

 Bailey on a hike during the trip

Looking for more travel tips for Wander Orford Cliffs? Wanderers Ali and Ryan Novak also shared some secret spots.


Wander Stories is a collection of real community stories by Wanderers and for Wanderers. If you stayed at a Wander home before and would like to share your story with us, reach out to hello@wander.com

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