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Wander Tahoe Slopes Just Got a Designated Dog-Whisperer

Staying at Wander Tahoe Slopes and need a doggie groom or care? Text Wander Concierge at 707-896-1524 to get linked up with Aleigha! :)

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Wander Tahoe Slopes Just Got a Designated Dog-Whisperer

Wander Tahoe Slopes is a pet-friendly spot, and we can’t wait to host you and your family, and that includes dog family members! 

Meet Aleigha Alicea-Harrison! Aleigha is a vet tech and has experience with all kinds of animals, and can handle any dog personality with grace. She started out working in kennels, and from there, her love of animals grew.

We were lucky enough to get to interview Aleigha for this blog, so read on to get to know this beautiful soul and dog whisperer!

It’s a passion

“Just, it's a passion. Like coming from the Humane Society, I've learned a lot about animals from rooting them to aggression, to being intimidated and scared. I'm really, I'm a big pet lover, so nothing intimidates me. Even if a dog growls, I'll wait a second and I'll like crouch down and let them smell me and sniff me and just kind of read me to let them know that I'm not there to harm them.” - A

Lake Tahoe Vacation Rentals

Meet Aleigha! Pet-loving, vet tech extraodinare.

Aleigha’s animal-loving journey:

After a childhood of caring for and bottle-feeding dogs with her animal-loving Mom, Aleigha’s life unfolded into a path of being there for animals:

“I was just kind of looking for a job, and it fell into place. I started off in kennels and then did recovery for animals after surgery, and I was really interested. I was like, “Ooh, like I've always loved animals.” - A

Aleigha’s journey with animals includes all kinds of experiences including the Humane Society, as well as experience being a vet tech!

"I went to Penn Foster, did my degree, and then I joined the Humane Society, and I was with them for 3 years. Then I went to Incline, and I was the vet tech for Incline for 2 and a half years." - A

Now, Aleigha works for herself, and we are so excited at Wander to have her as a resource for our guests! She does boarding, grooming, walks, and house sitting – the whole 9 yards! Aleigha also has a Chihuahua named Skippy from the Humane Society, a husband named Kelvin who is a talented Handyman and Electrician who does “If I’m awake I’m available” services around his day-job as an electrician, a 6-year-old daughter who loves animals too, and a son who turns 2 this Summer!

Aleigha does everything – Grooming, sitting, walks…

“I do grooming, bathing, drying, anal gland expression, ears, nails. If they have like wounds or things like that, I can clean up and repatch.” - A

Aleigha also does walking and dog sitting! Your pet can come to her home, or she can come to Wander Tahoe Slops!

“If going to the beach or snowboarding, I do drop-ins where I just come, let the dog out for about an hour, play with him, give him treats, medication if needed, and then wait for them to come home.” - A

When it comes to loving animals, your pet will get all the love!

“To be honest, I would say I'm a dog whisperer. And it sounds kind of funny, but you know, when you get with kids, and you're like, “Oh, how cute,” you’re like, “Look at their toes. Look at this,” that's how I am with animals. I like get down on the floor and I'm like, “Hey, you’re so cuddly. Like, give me love.” So, I think it's just a natural trait for me. I don't think I bring anything specific to it. It’s just something natural for me. I love them. I care for them. I cuddle them. - A

Advice for pet lovers coming to Tahoe

“Hiking trails are pet friendly, just remember to watch out for ticks and for thorns. Do a quick rub down before you hit the hike, so you know that there's nothing in the animal, and then run your fingers through them afterward and make sure that there are no ticks or thorns. 95% of everything in the Tahoe and Truckee locations are pet friendly.” - A

Checking your dog’s fur after hikes:

“Because the grass is lower and it sticks between their toes and on their tail and in-between their ears that we don't even think about checking.” Some other places Aleigha recommends are the paw pads and the tail. “And if they're really hairy, like the neck and underarm areas.” - A

Looking for a new doggie friend? Here is Aleigha’s advice for getting a dog at the Humane Society

“I just would say go with your gut feeling. The dogs choose you, and I find that really important. I know you want a puppy and everybody wants a younger dog, but if you walk into the Humane Society, because of how broken and like lost these dogs are, 90% of them choose you. They already know that you're comfortable and that you have a home and that you're sweet, and they're going to choose. You don't have to go in there looking for something specific, because you're going to walk out of there finding your partner.” - A

Thanks for reading!

We are so excited to have Aleigha aboard to care for your pets at Wander Tahoe Slopes! Staying at Wander Tahoe Slopes and need a doggie groom or care? Text Wander Concierge at 737-377-3205 to get linked up with Aleigha! :)

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