Introducing Wander x Once Upon a Coconut Partnership

The ultimate fusion of luxury and refreshment

Micaela Koremblit
MicaelaMarketing Manager
Introducing Wander x Once Upon a Coconut Partnership

Once Upon A Coconut, renowned for its pure and refreshing coconut water, has joined forces with Wander to create an extraordinary fusion of tropical indulgence and dreamlike getaways. This exciting collaboration sets the stage for an unforgettable escape into a world of pure bliss, luxury, and natural refreshment.

Guests who book a luxury vacation rental through Wander will now be greeted with a selection of Once Upon A Coconut's refreshing coconut water upon arrival. From the very first sip, they'll be transported to a tropical paradise where the stresses of everyday life fade away. The pure hydration and natural electrolytes in Once Upon A Coconut's coconut water are the perfect complement to the luxurious experience that Wander provides. Whether lounging by the pool, exploring picturesque landscapes, or unwinding in the privacy of their opulent accommodation, guests can now savor the taste of tropical refreshment at every moment of their stay.

Check out their amazing flavors:

  • 100% Premium Coconut Water: Their 100% Coconut Water is the stuff hydration legends are made of. Made with no added sugars, it's your fairy tale of replenishment come true.

  • Coconut Water + Chocolate: Unlike other sweet drinks that are loaded with artificial flavorings and other toxic ingredients, Once Upon A Coconut plus Chocolate is a healthy way to get a sweet fix. Plus, you're eating a plant-based, vegan drink.

  • Coconut Water + Pineapple: Ther Premium Coconut Water with Pineapple is all-natural, containing key electrolytes for immune health benefits. Gluten-free and Non-GMO make for an amazing blend of hydrating coconut water with a (not too) sweet blend of pineapple.

  • Sparkling Coconut Water + 120mg Caffeine: Their Sparkling Coconut Water with 120mg of Natural Caffeine will motivate you and your taste buds in more ways than one. With a refreshing energy equivalent to a tall cup of coffee, it's a refreshing story you're destined to finish.

Get ready to sip, relax, and enjoy the ultimate combination of luxury and refreshment during your stay.

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