What to Pack for Your Trip to Lake Tahoe (Summer Edition)

If you’re planning on a trip to see the beautiful Lake Tahoe, make sure to bring the essentials with you! Here is a packing list to help you enjoy your summer experience.

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What to Pack for Your Trip to Lake Tahoe (Summer Edition)

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful lake destinations in the world, creating the perfect experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

You will find yourself doing a number of activities such as swimming, fishing, boating, paddleboarding, hiking, sky gazing, and camping. Make sure you bring everything you need with you to maximize your stay!

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Swim Gear

If you’re going to Lake Tahoe in the summer, you’ll definitely be doing a lot of swimming and water activities. Make sure to bring active swim gear that protects you from the sun and can dry quickly in case you plan to go hiking afterward. Here are some basic essentials:

  • Swim Goggles

  • Swim Cap

  • Floaties

  • Sun Protective Top

  • Rash Guard

  • Shirt with UPF

  • Swimsuit or Boardshorts

  • Swimsuit Cover Up

Non-Beach Wear

There are tons of things to do around Lake Tahoe besides swimming. You might want to go golfing after or hiking, so don’t forget to bring an extra change of clothes fit for the activities you plan to do afterwards.

Besides, even if you don’t plan on doing anything besides swimming, nobody wants to get their car seats wet! Consider things like the following:

  •  Extra Change of Clothes 

  • Swimsuit Coverup

  • Hiking Jacket

  • Warm Jacket (FYI, nights can get pretty chilly in Lake Tahoe)


Make sure to wear the appropriate footwear for the occasion! If you’re just going to swim and lounge around the lake all day, go for something that you can take off easily before you do a cannonball!

If you plan on hiking afterwards, don’t forget to bring footwear that can withstand the activity. Some examples of footwear you can bring include the following:

  • Flip Flops

  • Sandals

  • Water Shoes

  • Rubber Shoes/Hiking Shoes


While we all enjoy a nice tan, it’s best to avoid unintentional sunburns on our skin. Complete your Lake Tahoe outfit by wearing accessories such as sunglasses and sun hats that will protect you from harmful UV rays.

Summer Sports and Activities

Just in case you have them boarded up at home and want to maximize your use of them, make sure to bring the following watercraft or equipment with you:

  • Paddleboard

  • Snorkel Set

  • Inflatable Kayak

  • Boat

  • Beach Toys

No worries if you can’t bring them or if you don’t own any because there are a ton of gear rentals and boat companies near Lake Tahoe. For starters, you can check out our picks here!

Travel Essentials Checklist

Of course, no trip is complete without packing a bunch of travel essentials. Having these items with you will make your trip run smoothly as possible—and it saves you money too!

  • Driver’s License and IDs

  • Credit Card

  • Snacks

  • Bug Spray

  • Army Swiss Knife

  • Sunscreen

  • Water Bottle

  • Toiletry Bag

  • Beach Chair

  • Umbrella

  • Hand Sanitizer/Alcohol

  • Aloe Vera (in case of sunburns)

  • Shade Tent

  • Cooler with Ice

  • Bottle Opener/Wine Key

  • Eating Utensils, Serving Tools

  • Wet Wipes

  • Towel

  • Trash Bag

  • First Aid Kit

  • Lounging Items (i.e., books, board games, magazines)

Tech Items Checklist

If you're a digital nomad like us, then you'll likely need to bring your gadgets with you so you can work and play at the same time! Here are some things you can bring with you:

  • Smartphone

  • Laptop

  • Tablet

  • Powerbank/Travel Battery

  • Waterproof Cases or Bags

  • Camera and Tripod

  • Wireless Headphones

  • Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Quick Tips for Your Trip

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Expect traffic, so leave early

Summer in Lake Tahoe is high season so expect it to be busy, especially on the weekend. You can also check out our transportation guide if you're looking for alternatives to get to Lake Tahoe.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration in Lake Tahoe is common so make sure to bring at least one or two gallons of water per person. Drink more water than you normally would, especially if you plan on going hiking.

Take sun protection seriously

You are more prone to getting sunburn at higher altitudes so make sure to pack on that sunscreen and bring the necessary items and swim gear to shade yourself from the sun.

Check conditions and air quality ahead of time

It's not uncommon for forest fires to happen around Lake Tahoe. A little bit of research and planning ahead won’t hurt so make sure to check on the conditions around the area before booking.

Enjoy your stay!

Fortunately, your stay at Wander Tahoe Slopes already comes with tons of essentials you need for your trip, so you don’t have to worry about overpacking. 

We have wireless charging stations, a complete computer workstation, a fully-stocked fridge, and so much more ready for you.

Have a great trip, and we can’t wait for you to see all the beauty that Lake Tahoe offers!

Want to book an electric bike ride around the city or a 2-hour cruise for your friends? Our concierge desk is available 24/7 to help you make your vacation planning hassle-free!

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