The Wonders of Wander Bandon Beach

Spending time at a Wander home will make you feel like you’re the star of a movie.

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The Wonders of Wander Bandon Beach

Spending time at a Wander home will make you feel like you’re the star of a movie. Today we present to you a Guest Highlight of Youtube vloggers Matt and Abby who shine in the fabulous Oregon coast vacation rental. Join Matt and Abby on their adventure as they navigate the technology-enabled Bandon Beach sweet spot.  

Day 1: 

The vibrant couple landed in Oregon, driving nearly five hours to Bandon and anticipating the teched-out vacation home for Abby’s 23rd birthday. Though it was 4:00 a.m. when the late-night travelers arrived, the couple was still starry-eyed by the dream-like atmosphere that the vacation rental offered. The crashing waves, fancy espresso machine, in-home gym, and Dyson-vacuum certainly woke them up as Matt clutched his phone, ready to activate various features within the smart-home rental through the Wander app. They weren’t totally convinced that they weren’t dreaming.

“What type of futuristic place is this?!” Matt exclaimed as he picked up the Dyson mounted on the wall. 

“I know it’s 4:00 a.m., but I kinda wanna do a workout right now, and take this Tesla for a drive.”

Matt and Abby wandered to the garage, which alone contained a peloton bike, treadmill, sauna, electric bike, rowing machine, and Tesla. Surely they would have no problem getting to where they wanted to go the next day. However, the couple quickly realized that they would have trouble leaving the home behind, even just for the afternoon.

The couple woke up finding that it was indeed not a dream. The bedroom, walled with windows, allowed the sunrise on the majestic coast to coax Matt into wakefulness. 

Meanwhile, Abby couldn’t get over the shower view. Sporting her complimentary Wander robe, she carefully applied her mascara primer and marveled at sight. It was safe to say that Abby’s lashes weren’t the only glamorous thing in the Oregon Coast Vacation rental. 

“It’s like we’re in Ireland or something” Matt suggested. Which isn’t too far off a guess, considering the Oregon coast resembled that of the famous Scottish links.

“So we have seen it all. I’m sorry but nothing can be compared to this place. It’s literally $600 a night, and it comes with a car,” Abby said, “and you can stay here with friends” she added.

To kick-off Abby’s birthday, the excited couple took a Tesla ride to get bagels and coffee at a local Bandon location. The friendly staff greeted them with enthusiasm, and presented Abby with a free birthday latte. 

The birthday treats continued as Abby was surprised by yet another sweet ride, besides the Tesla. The couple took a romantic escape down the coastline riding horseback with Bandon Beach rides. Abby, overwhelmed with birthday wonders, explained that this was by far the best day she had ever had.

“I feel like I’m having a whole moment right now, like an out of body experience”

Abby couldn’t get over the view as her horse galloped on the sand and the wind whistled as the waves crashed at her horse’s hooves. Could her birthday get any better?

Later, Matt brought Abby home for her to find that the house is “extra saucy at nighttime.” 

After igniting the fire from her phone, Abby prepared herself in the master bathroom for her birthday dinner.  She was treated to a glamorous top-tier restaurant – the vibey restaurant was an amazing close to a perfect first day in Bandon Beach.

The Oregon vacation rental provided Abby with everything she could dream of for her 23rd birthday: a hot tub, sauna, gym, 5 acres of a gorgeous view, and access to other-worldly experiences. Everything was at the tips of her fingers.

“You can control pretty much everything in these houses through your phone because they are smart homes, and you can control everything you want through the Wander app,” Matt reminded.

“It’s the best splurge if you have a special weekend or a special birthday,” Abby said.

Better yet, the modern and spacious home offered high-speed internet. While Matt decided his new favorite feature of the home was the fully-stocked fridge, Abby rolled her eyes and showed her amazement of the peaceful bedrooms to which they would spend another luxurious night.

Day 2: 

The next day, the movie stars continued to live the dream. The travel enthusiasts spent Day 2 taking a 400-mile road trip in their new Tesla. The fun-loving couple ventured the 7-hour road trip to the famous Redwood National Park.

After stopping at the supercharge station, the couple got lost, but soon found out they were just lost in the right direction. Surely, not all who Wander are lost.

When they arrived at the park, they couldn’t believe their eyes. They opened the car doors to smell the healthy, earthy air that infused the national park. They looked up to see the beanstalk- like trees hovering over them, seemingly miles high.

“They weren’t messing around when they said this is the land of the tallest trees in the entire world,” Matt said.

The couple continued on, having yet another surreal moment as they drove through the grove of trees peering through the Tesla’s open sunroof. 

“It literally feels like something out of a movie – it's so gorgeous.”

Still in awe from their experience, the couple drove home as they embraced the scenic sunset that grazed the horizon and listened to a movie in their smart-car.

After a special birthday and a scenic drive through Oregon’s Redwood National Park, the credits rolled in appreciation for travel, nature, love, and luxury. 

At Wander, you don’t want the movie to end.

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