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Onboarding and Home Setup:

Q: Can I keep my old Airbnb?

A: For the best guest experience and to integrate with 24/7 Concierge – existing upcoming bookings are exported and uploaded to Wander, and other listings are paused. 

Q: Who manages my utility payments

A: Home owners continue to manage their own utility payments.

Q: Can you sell my unused items from home setups?

A: We don't sell unused items, but we will arrange transportation to your desired location as a part of the setup (some home owners would like items brought to another residence or their own storage unit). 

Q: I already have many items in my home, what has to be standardized to be a Wander? 

A: Bedding/mattresses, towels, and technology. All other items in the capex estimate are required inventory but not standardized. 

Q: How many desk setups are required?

A: The technology for one desk setup, but many luxury homes have unique or built-in furnishings -- so you are welcome to use your own desk or chair.

Q: Where does a Wander sign go?

A: We can work with you on the best placement for the Wander sign, whether mounted on the home, by the driveway, or on a post. 

Q: I self-manage and have Airbnb and Vrbo, how does transfer of upcoming bookings work?

A: To make it easy, owners can give owner relations your logins and we can grab the guest's info and dates Wander Concierge adds them to WanderOS and pauses upcoming availability on the platforms, and owners are paid out as usual as they occur.

Alternatively, owners if they’d like can pause all upcoming availability on their end, and export the upcoming bookings and guest information for upcoming bookings to give owner relations. Then owner relations passes the information on to Wander Concierge to enter into WanderOS and reach out to guests. 

Q: What basic information do I need to give Wander to manage my home?

A: Here is the list!

– current cleaning crew contact

– current landscaping or hot tub tech contact 

– utility account numbers in case of an emergency

– wifi code

– access information (door code or key access) 

– trash removal service information 

– any other special information about the home we can add QR codes for so guests know 

(For example: please make sure guests have directions on how to open this special folding countertop)

– any special recommended activities in the area to let guests know

Q: I don't love pets, do I have to be pet-friendly?

A: Homes that are pet friendly receive 10% more bookings, so we highly recommend being pet friendly with a pet fee for deep cleans after. 

Q: What kind of insurance do I receive for any guest damage?

A: Any damage from guests is covered by insurance by being on Wander!

Q: I don’t self-manage, how does the transfer from an old third-party property manager work?

A: Most old third-party property managers require 30 days' notice, below are outlined the steps.

  1. The owner introduces Wander to their owner relations representative over email. 
  2. Old property managers export an Excel or PDF of all booking data for the home, both historical and future, both for the owner’s records and accurate pricing analysis. 
  3. Wander Concierge will enter all bookings into WanderOS based on the exported PDF, which owner relations will hand off to them. 
  4. The old property manager pauses all availability 30 days from signing and ceases managing the bookings (ie: cleaning and communication) for all bookings with a check-in date within 30 days. 
  5. The old property manager gives access information, and WiFi codes, and removes any of their marketing materials after the last reservation with a check-in date within 30 days of signing. 
  6. Wander Concierge will reach out to upcoming guests and manage all reservations with a check-in date after 30 days, and the old property manager pays out the owner as usual for the existing bookings including any cleaning fees collected 

Q: Who sources the local vendors/cleaning crews? 

A: The home’s dedicated property manager (local vendors being: inspector, cleaning crew, hot tub tech). We always interview existing crews if you have them!

Q: What are the hospitality discounts and how much are they?


Restoration Hardware - average 25%

Lazzoni - average  30%-40%

Four Hands - average 45%

Amazon - average 10%

Wayfair - average 30%

Q: How soon is a home setup (adding Wander amenities) after signing?


– For a turnkey home, first available 5 nights, 14 days out from signing, or 30 days out if transferring from an existing property manager. 

– For a home needing new furnishings, first available 5 nights, 30 days out from signing. 

– For a home requiring minor construction or projects (new doors, new paint): first available 14 days, 30 days from signing 

– For a home requiring major renovations: Wander doesn’t facilitate major renovations, but is happy to coordinate a home setup in parallel.

Q: How soon is a marketing launch?

A: Immediately upon signing, pre-launch teasing materials to fill the waitlist are gathered the first available 4 days, or the first available 4 days, 30 days out if transferring from an existing third-party property manager. Additional marketing material of improvements is gathered the first available 2-3 days post-setup dates. 

Q: How much does a Wander home setup cost?

A: Wander home setups range from around $50,000 - $250,000 depending on the home’s needs to standardize the bed setups, bathroom setups, and desk setups – and to bring the home up to interior design and maintenance standards. Chat now to get an estimate for your home how quickly the investment will be made back and how much it will increase revenue in the long run for your home. 

Q: How does pricing work? 

A: We look at your home’s historical booking data and data for similar homes in the area – to find the pricing for the seasons to hit a goal of 90% occupancy. 90% means the home is priced as high as possible and to get the maximum number of bookings without being too high that occupancy is lower. 

Lower occupancy at a higher price means less revenue overall if occupancy is below 90%, see below:

  • Home 1 – charges $5,000 per night and in June 2023 only rented out 5 nights (implied occupancy of 17%). The total revenue generated was $25,000
  • Home 2 – charges $2,000 per night and in June 2023 rented out 27 nights (implied occupancy of 90%). The total revenue generated was $54,000

In the above example, Home 1 may have had the higher “sticker price,” but actually generated far less revenue than Home 2.

The daily dynamic pricing calendar is available for Owners to view on their Owners Dashboard and Wander welcomes feedback and/or collaboration to help Owners achieve their goals.

Q: How do I know operating costs?

A:  This information is available in the owner's portal! 

Q: Who is my point of contact?

A: Here are your dedicated representatives!

1) Your dedicated Owner Relations Representative: performance reports, pricing, higher level partnership discussions

2) Your dedicated Project Manager: home setup questions

3) Your dedicated Property Manager: any operational home-related questions or requests 


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