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Booking rules

Wander Beta Additional Terms and Conditions

Congrats on booking a Wander! By booking one of our homes during the beta testing period of our app you agree to these additional Terms and Conditions which supplement (but do not replace) the Terms and Conditions and the Wander Good Neighbor Policy found on our website. In case you were wondering, yes our lawyers did edit this, so apologies if it’s a bit dry!

Minimum Stays: We have a three night minimum stay and no maximum. 

Check-In/Check-Out: You can check-in anytime after 3:00 pm. Check-outs happen before 10:00 am. This is important so that we can prepare the home for our next guest. If you need to change your checkout please contact the Wander Concierge and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

Flexible Date Stays:  We’ll be introducing flexible stay dates through the app soon. If you require flexible stay dates before we update the app please contact the Wander Concierge and we will work with you to meet your needs. 

Cancellation Policy:  We will give you a full refund for your stay up to 14 days before the trip date. We understand that sometimes life happens, so if you cancel your stay with Wander and it is less than 14 days before your check-in, we will make our best effort to book the property. If we are successful, we will refund you the amount we are able to book it for. 

Locking Up:  We ask that you lock up when you leave the home to enjoy the many wonderful activities near our homes. This protects against doors blowing open in a sudden storm or a bear coming by to see what you cooked for dinner last night (and yes some of those Tahoe bears have been known to open doors!). 

Fire Pits, Hot Tubs and Saunas: Each of these has instructions on site and in the app.  Eventually we will have QR codes on site as well. We ask for safety’s sake that you please turn off Fire-Pits and Saunas and cover and secure the Hot Tub when you finish up for the day. 

Damage: If something is damaged when you arrive, let us know at We put a lot of love and care into our Wander Homes, so please treat the Wander Home with love too. You are responsible for any damage you cause: including but not limited to the included furniture, equipment, and the Tesla. 

Smoking: There is no smoking or vaping inside any Wander Home.

Pet Policy: We love animals, so if you want to bring a pet to a Wander Home please contact the Wander Concierge to discuss how we may meet your specific needs and any additional pet-related charges that may apply so that we can assure the home is fully prepared for new guests after you and your pet depart.  If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you are not bringing a pet to our homes. If you bring a pet we ask that you follow a few simple rules.  There are no pets allowed on the beds or other furniture.  

Many guests are allergic to animals and we want to assure their enjoyment as well as yours. It goes without saying that you must clean up after your pet inside and outside (in this regard, pet waste should be bagged and placed in outside trash containers–please do not leave pet waste in indoor garbage cans). We also ask that you obey local leash laws and generally attend to your pets’ behavior inside and outside the home. We love to see our dogs run up and down the beach as much as the next person, but others are not always as welcoming.  

Lastly, please towel off your pets before bringing them back into the home after a romp on the beach or in the snow.  This will help keep the home in good condition and besides, what pup doesn’t love a good rubdown? Common sense is the rule for all things pet-related. Please don’t be the guest that causes us to change this policy. 

The Tesla: It goes without saying that you use and operate the Tesla at your own risk, but for your sake, your guests sake and the community please operate it responsibly. The Tesla’s are likely to be a much different driving experience than you are used to so please give yourself a chance to get used to them.

Gym Equipment and Bicycles: These items are provided for your enjoyment and we encourage you to use them! Just please use common sense and don’t overdo it. Oh and if you have one of our electric bicycles down on the beach, please be aware the ocean has a way of sneaking back up really quickly when the tide changes. 

The Great Outdoors: Wander homes tend to be in the great outdoors which is often a wonder but can also be dangerous. Several of our homes are on ocean cliffs and care must be taken to stay well back from the cliff edges (no matter how tempting getting that perfect photo may be), because folks fall to their deaths every year along the Pacific coast when sections of the cliffs become unstable or folks become distracted by the view. Several of our homes are on ocean beaches. These beaches are not patrolled and often have dangerous currents. Please take special care if you enter the water in these areas. Lastly, several of our homes are in mountain areas where sudden storms are the norm. Summer thunderstorms and fall and spring snow squalls are life threatening events at higher elevations if you aren't prepared. Please check weather forecasts and make sure you are prepared for mother nature’s occasional whims (and needless to say all of these activities are at your own risk).

Tidy-Up if You Can: Our cleaning crews are small business owners that are often working on tight deadlines to prepare homes for the next guest. It is a huge help to them when departing guests leave the home tidy. On their behalf, we thank you for the courtesy in advance.