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Booking Rules

By booking a Wander, you agree to the Booking Rules below, as well as Wander's Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Good Neighbor Policy.

When booking:

  • 3-night minimum stay for all Wander homes except Wander Surfside Beach, which has a 4-night minimum stay
  • 21 is the minimum age to book a Wander
  • No smoking of any kind allowed (the smell can take us out of business for following guests).
  • Wanders have very expensive furniture and linens, and we recommend you consider not bringing your pet. 

    Pets are strictly prohibited in beds, indoor or outdoor furniture, Tesla, or spa facilities. Pet owners will be automatically charged the cost of additional dry cleaning, cleaning treatments, or linen replacements for dog hair in these locations. 

    For those who would like to bring a pet, there is a + $100 per pet charge at check-out, which goes to the local cleaner for their added work for cleaning pet hair in corners, carpets, and floors. This does not cover additional treatments needed if pets go on the furniture, beds, spa facilities or leave waste on the property. 

    You may send your documentation to Concierge at [email protected] if you have a service animal. 

  • By booking, you understand the smart home features are in beta. We are working to increase the features and improve the functionality regularly. 
  • Some Wanders are not great for children, while others are awesome for kids. By booking you agree to carefully read the “before you book” section for property details.
  • Some Wanders are more remote than others, by booking you agree to read the “before you book” for details. Text Concierge is provided to help arrange airport transport.
  • By booking, you agree any events or professional projects must be confirmed with Concierge first. By booking an event, you understand we require a deposit, event rates, and a contract. To get rolling email [email protected] 

Cancellation Policy:

  • If it is more than 14 days before your check-in date: you can freely move your stay, or receive Wander credits of the full value of your trip which you can spend on any future stay at any Wander property.
  • If it is less than 14 days before your check-in date: you can no longer move your trip. We will re-list your dates and attempt to re-book them, and you will receive Wander credit for whatever we are able to re-book the dates for if we are successful.
  • It’s totally okay to re-sell or gift your dates if you have a colleague or friend who can make them, in this case just let Concierge know their name and email.
  • By booking, you agree and understand Wander does not give refunds, only credits.

Outside Payments Policy

  • Payments made for outside experiences and services are nonrefundable and do not convert to Wander credits.

Credits Policy

  • Credits cannot be applied to past stays or stays already booked.
  • Credits cannot be transferred to cash.
  • Credits can only be applied during the check out process within the Wander ecosystem. 

Discounts and Promotions

  • Discounts and promotions can only be applied during the check out process within the Wander ecosystem.
  • Discounts and promotions cannot be applied to past stays or stays already booked. 

Damage and Disclaimers:

  • If anything is damaged when you arrive, you agree to let Concierge know at text: +1-737-377-3205 on the day of your arrival. 
  • You agree you are responsible for any damage to the home, furniture, equipment or Tesla during your stay.
  • You agree to operate the Tesla, gym equipment, pools, hot tubs, saunas, and all amenities at your own risk.
  • You agree you are solely responsible for the well-being of you and your party during your stay, including keeping an eye on children, supervising them on the property, and while swimming.
  • You agree all activities are at your own risk, and you are solely responsible for staying away from cliff-edges, swimming safely, and following local laws. 

Before your stay:

  • Would you like grocery delivery, airport transport, or help planning activities? Wander Concierge is at your service via text: +1-737-377-3205
  • Any activities arranged through Concierge are with local vendors, and those activities and liabilities default to the local vendor's cancellation, liability, and booking policies. 
  • You should see your upcoming trip in the Wander app, don’t see it? Let us know
  • Would you like to drive the Tesla? You’ll receive a doc to sign via email a few days before your trip (we are working on adding this to the app)
  • You will also receive a check-in email 72 hours before your trip
  • Shipping items? If you’d like it there for your arrival, contact Wander Concierge and we’ll have you ship it to a local runner location, local runners charge a $60 handling fee. An alternative is shipping to the home address with a delivery date during your stay. 


  • You agree to check-in at or after 4:00pm, at 4:00pm you’ll have access to unlock the home via your “upcoming trip” in your Wander App.
  • Don’t see your “upcoming stay” in the app? Contact Wander Concierge text: +1-737-377-3205
  • We can’t accommodate early check-in, but Wander Concierge can help you find things to do or tasty places to eat to help you fill time:  text: +1-737-377-3205
  • Need help arranging airport transportation? Let Concierge know

During your stay:

  • You agree to no smoking or vaping inside a Wander
  • Open flames including candles are prohibited. Exceptions are birthday candles on a cake, or fire in a designated fire pit or fireplace provided by Wander. 
  • You agree to no pets on indoor or outdoor furniture 
  • You agree to place trash in outdoor trash bins or dumpsters provided at each Wander home. If you are staying at a bear-prone location there will be a bear-proof container with trash bins inside to use.
  • You agree and understand Wander does not offer refunds after check-in. 


  • You agree to check out at or before 10am
  • We can’t accommodate late check-out, but Wander Concierge can help you find things to do or tasty places to eat to help you fill time (text: +1-737-377-3205)
  • Need help arranging transportation from airports? Let Concierge know

Check-out directions:

  • You agree to check for your items in each room of the home: keys, jackets, sun glasses, and electric shavers are common ones -- so make sure to gather all your belongings.
  • Hopefully you gathered your items, if you forget something, the local runners charge a lost-and-found service that cost $50 if you would like your item shipped home to you.
  • Tesla keycard if you used it, can be placed by the cup holder in the Tesla
  • You agree to close doors/windows and turn off stoves and ovens
  • Leave the home generally tidy
  • Used towels or robes can be left on the floor
  • The slippers are yours to keep if you'd like!