The ultimate benefit for remote employees.

With Wander For Teams, your employees can book the perfect Wander-owned smart home for their next workcation, vacation or anything in-between. To join our pilot program, simply fill out this form and we'll reach out very soon.

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The best work benefit

"Wander Tahoe Slopes had everything needed for work and play – from super fast WiFi to a Tesla in the garage. Waking up to that sunrise view from the mountain was exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries." -Jon B.

Unlock remote work superpowers.

With Wander credits, your employees can find their happy place.

Workstations with views

Every Wander Home has indoor and outdoor workstations with 38" widescreen monitors, Uplift standing desk, Apple magic keyboard, Blue Yeti nano microphone and more. Views included.

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Transition from work to play

Hitting your flow state for work is just half the equation. Wander is about seamlessly transitioning from work to play, so we've got a Tesla waiting for you in the garage to explore, a private fitness room and sauna and hot tubs with firepits.

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Work/life bliss

Wander credits can give your remote employees a chance to escape from their work-from-home routine, detox from the daily grind and find their happy place. Reach out about participating in our Wander for teams pilot program using the form below.

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Join the pilot program

Fill out this form in 30 seconds or less and we'll reach out about participating in our Wander For Teams pilot program.