5 Reasons Why Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Hotels

5 Reasons Why Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Hotels

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Chances are, you’re here trying to figure out which accommodation type to go for on your next trip. Perhaps, you’ve already booked a vacation rental and you’re questioning whether you made the right choice or not. 

Either way, we’re here to tell you one thing: vacation rentals can elevate your travel experience in ways that hotels can’t. Not convinced? Here’s a roundup of reasons why you should go for that vacation rental you’ve had your eye on for a while.

More freedom to use amenities

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It’s no secret that traditional hotels follow a strict schedule for their amenities. 

Want to grab breakfast? Better get up at 7 AM to avoid crowds.

What about the pool or gym? Be sure to be back at the hotel before 8 PM to use it.

When you’re on vacation, there’s a good chance that you’re spending most of your day outside. But with these time restrictions in place, it can definitely put a strain on your schedule, meaning that you’d have to work around it to enjoy the hotel amenities that you paid for in the first place. 

With vacation rentals, you don’t have to worry about any of that. 

Whether you feel like sleeping in and grabbing lunch at 2 PM or having a midnight dip in the pool, these amenities will be readily available for you at any time of the day. 

Of course, amenities and house rules will vary per rental. Good news is you have the power to choose which amenities are important to you and which ones you can do without. 

More space = more fun

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There’s all sorts of wonders that having more space can do. For one, it can give your group plenty of privacy that you wouldn’t have gotten when staying in a hotel.

That means you no longer have to worry about merging multiple rooms or getting one giant room and extra rollaway (often uncomfortable) beds. 

More often than not, vacation rentals may come in the form of an entire house, apartment, or even a vast property with plenty of outdoor space. In this case, each member of your group can have their own rooms (and en suite bathrooms in lots of cases) at no additional cost. 

No more dealing with rowdy kids in the lobby or an overcrowded pool area, because you and your crew get exclusive access to all amenities that your vacation rental comes with. No more worrying about photobombers in the background when taking that Instagram-worthy photo! 

Cook with ease

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Let’s face it, going on vacation can cost you more solely because of food. While immersing yourself in local cuisine is an absolute must when traveling, it can drain your wallet pretty quickly if you’re not careful.

You can lessen some expenses by cooking your own meals at your vacation rental. Vacation rentals often come fully equipped with pots, pans, tools, and other cooking equipment. 

This can be a far more appealing option too for those with kids or dietary restrictions because you don’t have to eat at a restaurant every single time.

More value for money

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If you’re bringing friends or family with you on vacation, renting out a whole house to yourselves may give you a better run for your money. Consider the amenities and number of rooms the nightly price comes with, and then you can split that among the number of people coming with you.

To illustrate, let’s say an 8-bedroom house like this gorgeous beachfront property costs $1,000 per night. If you had 12 guests coming with you, it would amount to just about $83 per guest per night. 

When you factor in the use of luxurious amenities like a private gym or a private pool, you get to save more than five times less than the average rate of a luxury hotel room! So the more folks you take along with you on vacation, the higher your savings.

Just keep in mind the maximum occupancy rules of your chosen vacation rental.

Friendlier to pets

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If you normally bring your furry pal along with you on vacations, then you already know that finding a pet-friendly hotel isn’t as easy as it sounds. There’s plenty of additional research required, and even plenty more adjusting to do just so your four-legged friend can tag along.

Some areas in traditional hotels are also off-limits to pets. In that case, it might be better to go for a vacation rental so you and your furry pal can enjoy the property to yourselves.

Not to mention that rentals with backyards make it so much more convenient for you to take your pet to the toilet. Just don't forget to pick up their number twos to keep the property clean.

Now with the number of vacation rentals available, it can be difficult to filter out the good from the bad. But know that Wander ticks all the boxes above.

If you have any questions about our properties, our concierge desk is open for you 24/7. We hope to see you in any of our Wander homes soon!

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