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Answered: Are Vacation Rentals Worth It?

Let us help you decide!

Codeth Cameron
CodethContent Coordinator
Answered: Are Vacation Rentals Worth It?

One of the most tedious parts of planning a vacation, especially with others, is to figure out accommodations. So let Wander help you get those trips out of the group chat with some knowledge on why you should consider a vacation rental and why they’re absolutely worth a chance for your next excursion.

Pros of Choosing a Vacation Rental

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When you’re on vacation, the last thing that you want is to be disturbed by any external interference. This can be such a make-or-break for any trip because you’re there to take a load off, and lack of privacy tends to hinder that. So the good thing about vacation rentals like at Wander, is that you get the place all to yourself. 

As an addition, they come with amenities that you wouldn’t usually get as a private perk at your run of the mill hotel. Amenities like the private pool at Wander Joshua Tree and Wander Hudson Valley; or the hot tub that is included in a huge chunk of our properties; or perhaps even a meditation room like the one at Wander Cave Creek.

While all these things can be found at hotels, not all of them are included in the nightly charge and it will almost always be a shared facility - quite unlike vacation rentals.


Accommodations can cost you big bank while planning a trip, especially if you’re looking to stay at a very nice hotel. But if you look into staying at a very nice vacation rental instead, you’ll see how much money that saves you.

At Wander, our price is set regardless of how many guests check in and you get access to the entire property.

Plus, if it’s a large group, you can easily split the cost which works out to everyone paying significantly less for boarding as opposed to booking rooms at a hotel.

More Authentic Cultural Exploration

Maybe this is different for others, but I know when I go to a hotel, I want to explore everything available to me and get my money’s worth. I stay inside the hotel bubble and take it all in; I don’t even bat an eyelash towards the outside world.

This may be the vibe you’re going for and that’s totally okay; but for the people who like to explore the physical and intangible parts of a new culture on vacation, living among the locals is probably a better pick for your accommodation. 

Staying within a community where you have close access to local people, local businesses, and local events will prove to be a better way to have a cultural exchange while on vacation.

Take Wander Asheville Meadows for example. It’s about 12 minutes away from the city of Asheville, but it’s worth the drive because you not only get a scenic view of the place, but you’re incentivized by the top notch craft beer that the city has to offer. 

In addition, the operators of vacation rentals are more often than not, someone who has lived in the area and will be able to make good recommendations on food and activities like the property specific guides we have on our blog.

Direct Contact with Host

“May I speak with your manager” and every other customer care hierarchical hoop you usually  jump through to straighten out any discrepancy at a hotel is eliminated when you opt for vacation rentals.

For Wander specifically, you have access to our 24/7 text concierges who are always available and ready to iron out any issues you may have so that your stay is as seamless as possible. But not only that, we offer coordinating transportation, booking activities, grocery shopping and so much more!

Cons of Choosing a Vacation Rental

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Let’s face it, the standard of “clean” isn’t the same for each person. While hotels have a benchmark to live up to, it’s hard to monitor all the properties found on other vacation rental sites because each is operated by someone different.

This sometimes ends up in you having a stressful start to your trip because you have to be cleaning up and sometimes this stress carries over to the rest of your vacation. 

With this considered, the team at Wander takes the cleanliness of our homes seriously and are always working towards making each property spick and span and as welcoming as they can be for all of our guests.

In addition to thorough cleans in between guests, there is aromatherapy in the homes that will give you instant calm and put you in a relaxed mode immediately.

Best Friends Not Allowed

Although it has become more standard for many hotels to allow pets, some vacation rentals still haven’t made that change. According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, less than 15% of vacation rentals allow pets at their property.

However, I can confidently speak on Wander’s policy and assure you that we couldn’t be happier to welcome your furry friends! Just bear in mind that there are a few guidelines to check out when they tag along, and you can see them all on our ‘Rules”page here.

But all in all, we’re in support of you bringing your best friend - whether they walk on two legs or four.


Although I mentioned privacy as a pro earlier, it can sometimes double as a disadvantage at some vacation rentals. It’s not uncommon for hosts to rent a section of their home while living on the other side.

This is not the most ideal situation for vacationers, especially when you’re traveling with family. It’s already a lot to travel with other people, but staying with complete strangers is a whole other ball game.

This is a problem you won’t ever encounter when you book a Wander though; you’re always given access to the entire house and all its amenities.

What You See isn’t What You Get

We’ve all heard or possibly even lived through horror stories of booking a short term rental property that looked amazing online but turned out to be just the opposite. The pictures are either outdated or include more amenities than are actually offered.

Even though reviews can most likely be left about the property and can act as a warning to future renters, some may fall through the cracks leaving you a victim just the same. 

But you can let out a sigh of relief, because everything you see listed for each of our properties is available with each Wander booking; so a fear of property catfish is something you won’t ever have in our neck of the woods.

So are Vacation Rentals Worth it?

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Not all vacation rentals are the same. There are just as many good ones out there as there are less than desirable ones. But in the end, it comes down to your preferences and your definition of what’s “worth it.”

For me, my definition of a vacation rental that’s worth it is one where the host communicates well with you; one where your privacy is valued; one that’s inclusive and allows all members of my family (furry or not); and one that gives me the feeling of luxury.

Wander checks all those boxes (and more) and is 100% worth the chance of being your choice of accommodations for your next vacation in my opinion.

Our 24/7 text concierges are always available to help you no matter the day you decide to book or the time zone you’re in. We can’t wait for the chance to prove to you that we’re worth a shot and we hope to see you soon!

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