A Romantic Getaway on the Oregon Coast with Wander

Views are breathtaking—in every direction—coastal woodlands, dunes, and wildlife refuges on one side, ever-changing skies over rocky shores on the other.

Abby Wager
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A Romantic Getaway on the Oregon Coast with Wander

The Oregon coast is more of an experience than a place. Views are breathtaking—in every direction—coastal woodlands, dunes and wildlife refuges on one side, ever-changing skies over rocky shores on the other. The sounds of the coast are just as seductive, endlessly crashing waves and seabirds turning overhead, offshore breezes tingling your nose with the fresh green smell of the sea. All can be experienced from your romantic vista at Bandon, Oregon, and much more to experience within striking distance, if you care to venture from the sleek comforts of your Wander Bandon Dunes vacation rental

Bandon, Oregon is a coastal town that sits on the mouth of the Coquille River. Its picturesque beaches, amazing rock formations, such as the Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint, and stunning ocean views are just the beginning. Many activities can be found in the Bandon area, such as exploring the beaches and walking together along paths in wooded areas. Bandon is an optimal place to take in everything nature has to offer. If your visit happens to be in September, you will be treated to Bandon’s Annual Cranberry Festival to celebrate the cranberry harvest. Considered the “Cranberry Capital of Oregon,” people are drawn to Bandon from all over Oregon, Washington, California. Shopping at the many unique local stores and discovering a new favorite restaurant with a view of the Pacific Ocean at sunset can provide days of unwinding and years of memories. For the more adventurous couples, popular nearby activities include surfing, kiteboarding and mountain biking. Plus, the town’s six-course golf resort attracts enthusiasts from all over the country. 

The Wander Bandon Dunes vacation rental is perfectly situated for a romantic visit to the Oregon coast. The stylish and comfortable smart house is in the optimal location, nestled high on the beach, its expansive windows providing the most stunning views of the coastline. Imagine mornings waking up to the sounds of the ocean, crashing waves and birdsong. The modern and spacious Wander house features high-tech amenities, with thermostat, lights and doors all controllable from your phone through the Wander app., and, naturally, very fast WiFi. The beautifully furnished Oregon coast vacation rental is ideal for two, but can comfortably accommodate up to five guests. You will find a sauna, a luxurious hot tub, a home gym and a spacious, furnished deck to take in all the sights and sounds of the coast. A fire pit will keep you warm in the cool night breeze (the fire pit can also be controlled using the Wander app). The many amenities at Wander Bandon Dunes allows a couple to enjoy a romantic stay, and to feel relaxed and at home.

The miles of beaches near Bandon offer opportunities for romantic walks in the morning, sunsets and amazing views of rock formations. But for an even more memorable experience,  horseback riding on the beach provides a fun way to enjoy each other’s company. Located near the Wander Bandon Dunes house, Bandon Beach Riding Stables will match you with a horse and all the instructions and information you need to spend an hour horseback riding on the beach. If you pay attention, you may see wildlife along the way, but you will be guaranteed to see the beautiful coastal views of Bandon. It is sure to be an experience you will not forget. 

You can do a road trip along the Oregon coast south to the Avenue of the Giants at Redwood National Park. Along the two-hour drive from the vacation rental, you will have many opportunities to check out the beautiful places and things to do up and down the coast, including Sister’s Rocks State Park and Crescent Beach. Once you arrive at the Avenue of the Giants, you will find the 31-mile drive among the famous giant redwood trees, some of the tallest and oldest trees in the world. There are several areas where you can park and experience the trees up close. Imagine walking through the forest with your partner and marveling at trees that seem to stretch up forever. A romantic drive through the Avenue of the Giants, a scenic highway that runs through the state park, would feel almost surreal. 

Bandon, Oregon should be next on your list for a romantic getaway, as there are so many opportunities to enjoy each other’s company, including spending time in nature and taking in breathtaking views. The Wander Bandon Dunes house would be the icing on the cake for a romantic weekend and a fun and relaxing trip to the coastal town of Bandon, Oregon. 

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