How to Use the Wander App

Wondering how to use the Wander app? Here is your guide!

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How to Use the Wander App

Have the Wander app downloaded and looking for how to use it to book your luxury smart-home escape, or at the home and curious how to control the home?

Here are the steps:

Getting Started

  1. Download from the Wander homepage under "get the app"

  2. Make an account or log in

Booking a Trip

  1. Browse Wander homes to choose from by swiping, available dates will be highlighted.

  2. Select your desired dates.

  3. Proceed to checkout and confirm and pay.

  4. Your active trip will show in your app, when it is time to check in, you'll be able to unlock the home from the app.

How to Control the Smart Home

  1. Swipe across in your active trip, you'll see categories for "outside", "kitchen" ect. with available controls per room.

  2. Click on a desired action to turn on or off lights, etc.

Need any help? Scroll to the bottom of the page for "chat now" for a live chat with your 24/7 Wander Concierge.

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