5 Oregon Coast Luxury Vacation Rentals

Here are the best Oregon Coast Luxury Vacation Rentals for your next trip to the Oregon Coast!

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5 Oregon Coast Luxury Vacation Rentals

Oregon Coast Luxury Vacation Rentals: 5 Best Stays for Endless Enjoyment

Photo by Karsten Winegeart

Hey traveler! Thinking of wandering to Oregon but can’t choose where or which place to stay? Well, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best luxury vacation rentals on the coast. 

The Oregon coast is packed with abundant things to do, whether it's indoors or outdoors. It has travelers mesmerized by its rugged shorelines and sandy white beaches. The rock formations and seaside cliffs complement the incredible views. This coastal paradise will undoubtedly keep any visitor longer than they expect! 

Coastal retreat with stunning views of Haystack Rock - Bandon, Oregon

Photo by Wander

This Wander home is seated in the perfect location where guests can easily enjoy the stunning views of Haystack Rock. Nearby is also the world-famous Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, so for golfing enthusiasts out there, this home is more than just right for you! However, the fun just doesn’t end here. There are ceaseless activities for all kinds of travelers to do, both indoors and outdoors. Guests can join horseback riding and hiking activities or simply sit in a hot tub of their own while watching the views of the Pacific Ocean during a beautiful sunset. 

The home also offers its guests a gym, a sauna, fire pits, and two electric bikes to freely use for biking on the beach. Lastly, Wander Bandon Beach reduces its environmental impact by being the first passive home on the Oregon Coast with net zero energy consumption.

Glass House on a Cliff - Orford Cliffs, Oregon

Photo by Wander

Another superb Wander home with a sleek and aesthetic glass finish. This home is perched on top of the Orford Cliffs, giving guests the benefit of experiencing privacy but with an open concept structure. The modern glass house allows guests to enjoy the oceanfront views from all angles. Also, the structure makes for an incredible storm-watching experience. 

To top it off, all guests can enjoy this getaway without the worry of being disconnected from their responsibilities at work. The amenities here include +300mbps Wi-Fi and two workstations ready for all work-aholics! For leisure time, you can drive through paradise, or simply indulge in self-care and relax in your hot tub while enjoying the breathtaking views.


The Rock - Seal Rock, Oregon

Photo by Oceanfront Properties Inc.

Are you the kind of traveler who loves bringing a large group of friends, family, or maybe both? Then the spacious and roomy The Rock is just for you! Located right on the frontage facing the Pacific Ocean, this spectacular home gives its guests private access to the beach. With its own private path, guests  can reach the tides in approximately 20 seconds! 

The interiors also allow endless opportunities for fun. Family and friends are given a luscious gourmet kitchen, a walk-in pantry, and a long buffet area. With all these tools, any guest can stir up a special and memorable meal. Lastly, The Rock comes with all the modern amenities, such as a theater room and a media room, to keep guests entertained all throughout. 

The Stormwatcher - Tillamook, Oregon

Photo by Monica/Airbnb

This custom-built oceanfront home comes with unbeatable and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. It quietly sits on a hill overlooking the village and has windows spanning from the floors to the ceiling to allow guests to enjoy the view at all angles and all times of the day, from dusk to dawn! 

The home is also equipped with a fully stocked kitchen, an outdoor dining area with a grill, and an island to gather around to socialize. To top this off, it has easy access to nearby locations. You can get to Oceanside Beach, Netarts Bay, and Tillamook in only a few minutes. Ultimately, this place has you all ready to enjoy a local scrumptious meal with friends and family while enjoying the mesmerizing views.

Forest Edge Beach House - Cloverdale, Oregon

Photo by Benjamin/Airbnb

This new luxury vacation rental is precisely seated at the edge of a forest as well as a beach! This modern abode features direct access to the beach, where guests can easily enjoy long walks, bonfires, and uninterrupted ocean views. Also, for more outdoorsy travelers, the Forest Edge Beach House also has access to forest trails, dunes, and the Sand Lake Estuary. 

The floor to ceiling windows give unobstructed views from Haystack Rock all the way to Cape Lookout. It features a fully stocked kitchen with a 14-seater dining area, a bar facing the ocean, another facing the forest, and even an area under the kitchen island for your kids to have fun!

Lastly, the home has all the modern amenities to keep everyone entertained, such as an 85-inch smart TV, projector, surround sound, an XBox Series, and many more! It has two outdoor showers for guests to have that unique experience, a parking lot with a driveway that leads through the forest, and even a private volleyball court. Whether you’re looking for something thrilling to do outdoors or something tranquil indoors, this Forest Edge Beach House is definitely a perfect getaway for both. 

Have a great trip!

Are you also excited to enjoy the view of the beautiful Oregon Coast? Or are you ready to explore the white sand beaches and stunning shorelines? 

Wander offers its guests unique and amazing vacation experiences. Every Wander home has a 24/7 Concierge Text line to answer all inquiries throughout your stay and a place with endless breathtaking views of nature. We aim to provide all our guests with the perfect vacation home, and we hope you’ll also be a part of that goal. 

You can check out all our properties from around the country, and we’re looking forward to Wander-ing with you!

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