Top 15 Air Travel Tips

Many of us love to travel, and plane trips are an amazing way to go from your hometown to a luxury vacation rental in a few hours. Here are some things you can do to make your plane travel as pleasant as possible!

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Top 15 Air Travel Tips

Many of us love to travel, and plane trips are an amazing way to go from your hometown to a luxury vacation rental such as Wander in a few hours. Here are some things you can do to make your plane travel as pleasant as possible!

1)  Pre-book an airport lounge if you have a long connection

If it works out, airport lounges are super enjoyable. You will be able to relax in a quiet environment before the plane takes off and you will be provided with reading material, WIFI, food, and beverages that you can take on the plane. 

2) Check-in for all flights (including connections) online 

Check in for all your flights including connections as soon as you’re within the 24-hour window of your flight. That way if a flight has been over-booked, your seat is secure. 

3) Dress comfortably

Getting to the airport and sitting for a few hours can make for wedgies. Keep this from happening by wearing comfy items like leggings, sweats, and soft fabrics.

4) Wear a hoodie

Not only is a hoodie the ultimate in comfort, but it will also give you the option of retreating into the hood when you want to get some ZZZs.

3) Pack your favorite snacks

Even if you plan on finding something in the airport, there is nothing better than already having your favorite snacks with you! Your tummy will thank you!

5) Travel light

Traveling light makes for a less stressful experience and it may even mean not having to check your luggage. Minimize what you are taking to get in and out of the airport faster. Check out our minimalist packing tips for starters! 

6)  Download some reading

Reading is a great way to stay occupied during a long flight. Time in the air is an awesome time to learn new things. Downloading audible books is an awesome minimalist option. If you opt for paperback, once you’ve finished reading you can always pass the book on to another reader for some goodwill!

7)  Download some meditations

Meditations are great all the time. There are some cool guided ones on Spotify or YouTube you can pre-download -- if you get nervous while flying, these are extra amazing.

8)  Download rain sounds

If you want to fall asleep quickly, nothing beats rain sounds, here is our favorite track on Youtube! These can double as an awesome option for white noise if you are sharing a bedroom at your destination! 

9)  Bring earplugs or noise-canceling headphones

Earplugs are a great way to block out external noise and promote sleep and relaxation. Noise-canceling headphones are also a great bet for travel.

10) Stay hydrated

The inside of an airplane cabin is usually set to a humidity level of 10% to 20%, much lower than a typical outdoor air temperature of 30% to 65%. This can cause dry skin, scratchy eyes, and fatigue. You can combat the dryness by drinking lots of water. Eye drops and nasal sprays will also help.

6) Drink one glass of water per alcoholic beverage  

If you are facing hours on a plane, it may be nice to accept one of the onboard cocktails the stewards are serving. Alcohol makes it difficult for cells to absorb oxygen which can contribute to altitude symptoms, as well as dehydrate your body faster.

Drinking a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage will keep you hydrated. If you’re prone to altitude sickness, you can always enjoy your celebratory beverage once you get to your oceanfront vacation rental.   

11) Stay healthy

When traveling, we often come in contact with other people. You can boost your immune system by having foods with high vitamin C or taking a vitamin! A great way to keep yourself healthy is to make sure to get plenty of sleep before traveling and staying hydrated.

Washing your hands well and keeping some sanitizing wipes on hand to clean common surfaces are other good ways to keep yourself healthy.

12) Follow the business people when going through security

When going through airport security, look for the business people. Business people are usually familiar with the airport and pack light, so they are a great bet to follow them to get through security quickly.

13) Stretch

Not moving around for long periods of time can decrease your blood flow. Keep your blood flowing by taking a little walk on the plane when the fasten seatbelt light is off. A little stroll to socialize with the flight attendants is always a good excuse, and they’ll enjoy the chat.

To stretch your back, a simple in-your-seat stretch is bringing your chest down to your thighs. Reaching your arms out in front of you will also help.

14) Double check your seat for your items

Look before you leave to make sure you have everything with you whenever you get up from where you are sitting. If you think an item may have slipped between your seat, ask a flight attendant for help.

15) Adjust to a new time zone with sunlight

The best way to get used to a new time zone is to sleep with your blinds open at your destination so your circadian rhythms adjust to your new daylight hours. Being outside in the sunlight also helps. The sun will help you make a gradual adjustment so you can enjoy your new destination! 

Did you know that each stay with Wander also means you get priority access to our 24/7 concierge service? That means we can help you make travel arrangements, including flights and airport transportation. Text 707-896-1524 to know more.

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