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Top 4 Things to Do Near Wander Cape Charles

Cape Charles Insights: Heritage, Culture, and History

 Natalie Kowalewski
NatalieTravel Guide
Top 4 Things to Do Near Wander Cape Charles

Uncover Cape Charles' history at a local museum with exhibits ranging from ancient artifacts to contemporary art. Explore the region's heritage further at a nearby center dedicated to showcasing the area's history, culture, and natural beauty. Here are more details about our top 4 suggested activities:

Cape Charles Historic District

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Photo courtesy of Town of Cape Charles

Cape Charles' historic district offers a captivating stroll through time, with one of the East Coast's largest collections of turn-of-the-century buildings. Originally a railroad town established in the 1880s, its planned layout, with avenues named after Virginia statesmen and streets after fruits and trees, remains intact. Despite economic challenges post-World War II, the town's inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places in 1991 sparked a remarkable revitalization, transforming it into a thriving community with Victorian charm, pristine beaches, and newfound economic prosperity, making Cape Charles a sought-after destination for residents and visitors alike.

Tip: Be sure to check out the calendar of events for upcoming activities in town: https://capecharlesvirginiascape.com/events/ !

Cape Charles Museum

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Photo courtesy of Cape Charles Museum and Welcome Center

  • Distance from Wander Cape Charles: 11.8 miles

  • Location: 814 Randolph Ave, Cape Charles, VA 23310

  • Hours: 10AM-4PM Thursday-Tuesday; Closed Wednesday

  • Phone: (757) 331-1008

  • Website: https://capecharlesmuseum.org/ 

Embark on a captivating journey through the rich history of Cape Charles at the Museum and Welcome Center. Explore diverse exhibits, from ancient pottery to contemporary art, with new additions regularly enhancing the experience. Highlights include the historic Busch-Sulzer Diesel Generator and an extensive model collection of Chesapeake Bay ferries, providing a fascinating glimpse into the town's heritage.

Barrier Islands Center

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Photo courtesy of At Altitude Gallery

  • Distance from Wander Cape Charles: 9.4 miles

  • Location: 7295 Young St, Machipongo, VA 23405

  • Hours: 10AM-4PM Tuesday-Saturday; Closed Sunday & Monday 

  • Phone: (757) 678-5550

  • Website: https://barrierislandscenter.org/ 

Explore the heritage of Virginia's Eastern Shore at the Barrier Islands Center, a museum dedicated to showcasing the region's history, culture, and natural beauty. With over 7,500 artifacts, the center offers free admission to exhibits that narrate the lives of the people who once inhabited the barrier islands. These islands, forming along coastal plains, play a vital role in protecting coastlines from storms and providing habitats for diverse wildlife, creating one of the longest undeveloped stretches of shoreline on the East Coast.

Lemon Tree Gallery and Studio

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Photo courtesy of Lemon Tree Gallery and Studio

  • Distance from Wander Cape Charles: 12.4 miles

  • Location: 301 Mason Ave #3203, Cape Charles, VA 23310 

  • Hours: 10AM-5PM Monday-Thursday 

  • Phone: (757) 331-4327

  • Website:https://www.lemontree.gallery/ 

Lemon Tree Gallery & Studio in Cape Charles, Virginia, is an interactive space celebrating the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Eastern Shore. Situated on the main street next to the historic theatre, the gallery showcases art inspired by the local landscape, wildlife, and the region's rural farming and fishing traditions. It stands as a testament to the town's commitment to fostering a vibrant arts community.

Tip: Check out the weekly stretch and move classes, adult tap dance and ballet!

Cape Charles is an enthralling tapestry of historical richness and cultural diversity waiting to be explored. There is so much more to explore in this coastal haven and we're here to help you with all your travel plans. Just message our 24/7 Wander Concierge directly in the Wander app or via text at 737-377-3205 and they'll hold your hand through every step. We can't wait to have you at Wander Cape Charles!

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