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Unleashing the Wander marketing machine to drive outperformance for your home

Joa Pascal profile pictureJoa PascalJul 8, 2024

Whether you're already a Wander Owner or discovering us for the first time, one of our most common questions revolves around our marketing strategy.

How does Wander drive bookings? Which channels do we use? How do we measure success and adjust strategies for underperforming properties?

Think of the Wander marketing team as your own personal, tech-enabled marketing agency, 100% focused on driving demand to your home. We're not just managing the top 1% of vacation rentals – our team keeps a close eye on how each property is performing, allowing us to fine-tune our strategies in real-time and drive additional, high-intent traffic where it’s needed most.

A big part of our competitive advantage with marketing is the fact that we have our own booking platform and manage all company operations on WanderOS. This means we own the customer relationship and have proprietary demand data that empowers us to make smarter decisions. Our data-driven approach is probably our main hallmark, but the human touch is crucial to cater to the luxury aspect of all our properties.

So, what goes into Wander marketing, and how do we make sure our homes outperform all other property management companies by 30% or more? Let's take a friendly stroll through our marketing process:

Pre-launch strategy: building anticipation

From the moment your property is listed, we start building buzz around your property’s upcoming launch. We feature it on Wander.com in our “Coming soon” section and encourage interested visitors to join our text message waitlist.  Once your home launches, hundreds of potential guests will get a text message driving them to your property to take advantage of a special launch price, which builds urgency.

Cinematic storytelling: highlighting every detail

At Wander, we believe in the power of visual storytelling. We “overinvest” in producing content about your property to give potential guests complete confidence to book. Our professional content team creates stunning photos and videos that showcase your property's best features. We capture inviting interiors and breathtaking exteriors, in daylight and twilight. We create 10-minute-long property tours and activity guides, along with ad creative for paid search and social and organic content for our social media channels.  This content forms the heart of our marketing efforts, ensuring your property shines.

Launch day: making an impact
On launch day, your property takes center stage. It’s prominently featured in the first property slot on Wander.com and in our app, supported by targeted email and text campaigns to our extensive customer base of 250,000 higher net work travelers. We also promote across our social channels including  Facebook, Instagram, X, TikTok, and LinkedIn to amplify its visibility.

Week 1: maximizing exposure

 Our paid promotional plan ensures your property reaches the right audience across multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, YouTube, and Pinterest. This strategic placement drives engagement and bookings right from the start.

Keeping the momentum going: ongoing marketing

Our dedication to marketing doesn't stop at launch day. It’s only just begun.

We employ a powerful 360°  ongoing marketing strategy to ensure your rental gets the continuous exposure it deserves. Here's how we keep your property top-of-mind for potential renters:

  • Double exposure: Your property is featured from time to time in our twice weekly, base-wide emails to 250,000+ Wander members

  • Personal touch: Interested guests get custom emails and push notifications about your property after visiting your property page

  • Paid Ads: We run ads across our performance marketing engine on paid social, search, and beyond to drive more traffic to your property

  • Smart targeting: Our data-driven approach ensures your rental reaches the right audience at the perfect time. Wander's Google paid search strategy positions us as the top result in any vacation quest. 

  • SEO Power: Wander's strategic keywords and optimized content ensure your vacation home ranks higher in search engine results.

Beyond the Basics: Exploring Additional Marketing Avenues:

We take pride in going the extra mile to promote your property. 

Here are some additional strategies you might encounter:

  • Social Media Buzz: Regular features across our channels, reaching 115,000+ engaged followers.

  • TikTok Showcase: Captivating video of your property, local activities, and influencer reviews.

  • Press Potential: Possible feature in Wander press articles, increasing exposure.

  • Influencer Collaborations: Content creators produce engaging material featuring your property 2 or 3 times per year.

  • Strategic Advertising: Targeted Google Ads campaigns in the first six weeks attract motivated travelers.

  • Content Marketing: Our blog highlights nearby activities and provides helpful property guides.

  • Podcast Reach: We seek opportunities on relevant podcasts to promote our platform and attract new guests.

Addressing Lower Bookings

In the rare case of lower bookings, we have a proactive plan in place:

  • "Name Your Price" Emails: Limited-time offers inviting guests to propose their ideal rate.

  • Cart Abandonment Retargeting: Re-engaging potential guests who didn't complete bookings.

  • Increased Ad Spend: Boosting visibility on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Website Prominence: Elevating your property's position on our website feed.

  • Newsletter Highlight: Featuring your property with compelling content and visuals.

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