Wander Tahoe Slopes: Complete Guide

Here's everything you need to know about your trip to Wander Tahoe Slopes!

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Wander Tahoe Slopes: Complete Guide

Heading down to Wander Tahoe Slopes? Plan your trip ahead and bookmark this page for quick links to everything you need to know about Lake Tahoe, from transportation options to restaurant ideas!

How to get there

Getting to your Wander Tahoe Slopes home should be a breeze with our transportation guide covering suggested routes, nearby airports, and transport options.


Not sure how to work the hot tub or fire pit at Wander Tahoe Slopes? Check out this amenities guide for instructions! We also included a separate guide on how to brew yourself a warm cup of coffee using the Nespresso machine found in the kitchen.

Suggested activities

Whether you want to go skiing or golfing, this guide will point you towards fun activities in the area, from spring to winter!

Child-friendly activities and babysitters

Take this as a sign to bring your kids to Lake Tahoe for a vacation. With this guide, you'll easily fill up your itinerary with fun activities meant for kids and kids-at-heart! No worries if you want to take a few hours to yourself, as we also have some reliable babysitter recommendations in the area.

Pet-friendly activities and services

Your furry pal will enjoy all that Lake Tahoe has to offer just as much as you will! Take it from us—we rounded up pet-friendly activities, restaurants, and shops in Lake Tahoe.

Hiking and walking trails

Surrounded by majestic mountains and lush lakeside landscapes, Lake Tahoe is the place to be for hikers and adventurous spirits. We have some recommendations on hiking and walking trails in the area.

Spa retreats

Tired from a day of adventure? Allow us to take you to some of the best spas around Lake Tahoe. But if you prefer to de-stress at your Wander Tahoe Slopes home, not to worry because we can also bring the spa to you!


And if you still have a little energy left in you from all that skiing and hiking, then this guide is for you. Unwind with a mug of house-brewed beer and dance the night away at these pubs and local joints!

Where to eat

There are lots of great food to enjoy alongside amazing views in the area. And this guide will tell you exactly must-try restaurants around Lake Tahoe.

Coffee and tea

You can never go wrong with a nice cuppa joe especially when it's in the middle of winter. Grab a cup of coffee/tea or two at these local favorites!

Upscale restaurants

Feeling fancy? Put on your best attires and head over to our picks of the best upscale restaurants in Lake Tahoe!

Feel like going skiing? Or perhaps you might be in the mood for a quiet lakeside dinner afterwards? Just send a text to Wander Concierge for personalized recommendations on things to do around Lake Tahoe.

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