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What to Do When an Item Gets Left Behind

Here's your quick and easy guide to get a misplaced item back

It's easy to forget something while traveling, but don't worry because we're here to help!

Missing something?

If you realize that you have misplaced or forgotten something after leaving, please contact Wander Concierge right away. It is advisable to do this as soon as possible, preferably on the day of your check-out, so that our cleaning crew can confirm if they have located your item.

If you’re still on the road and have not realized any missing items, our local crew also coordinates with us if they come across an item that may belong to the last guest. This is why we may reach out to guests to confirm ownership and explore the option of returning the item by shipping it to you.

Shipping & Errand Fee

Our flat rate is $50, which covers the shipping fee and the cleaner's errand fee. If this price works for you, we will need your shipping information to share with our crew. Once it has been dropped off your item at the post office, we will provide you with the tracking number for your reference.


Kindly note that any items found during the cleaning process will be kept in the home's storage closet. If you wish to have the item shipped back to you, our crew will be able to access it on the next cleaning date. Please rest assured that they will do their best to ship your item back to you as soon as possible!

Need more help? Reach out to Wander Concierge through the "Concierge" tab in the Wander App or via SMS at +1-737-377-3205 for assistance!


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