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When You’ll Get Your Refund

Your quick guide on when to expect your refund!

Many people find the process of getting a refund overwhelming and complex. However, with Wander, refunds through credits are processed almost in real time!

Cancellation 14 Days Prior

If you decide to cancel your booking at least 14 days before your stay at 4 PM EST, you will receive a full refund in credits. The refund process is automated, which means that within 15 minutes of cancellation (or less), the credits should appear in your account.

Cancellation Within 14 Days

If the cancelation is made within 14 days before your scheduled arrival, we may be able to provide you with credits if we’re able to resell your reservation. We will notify you on the last day of your trip if any Wander credits can be added to your account.

Cash Refund

In special cases where you are entitled to a cash refund, it will be issued to your original form of payment within 7-10 banking days. To speed up the process, you may contact your issuing bank for assistance.

Have more questions? Feel free to check out our other guides or reach out to Wander’s 24/7 Concierge Team through the Wander App!


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