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How to Verify Your Identity

Complete your account set up with this guide!

Wander prioritizes safety over everything else. That's why we require Identity Verification to authenticate the identity of our guests and confirm bookings.

Steps to Verify Identity

  1. On the Trips tab (second icon at the bottom), tap the "Verify Identity" button at the top of the screen then click "Begin verifying."

  2. Provide your country or location.

  3. A government ID is required to confirm identity. A list of acceptable IDs will show up - choose the one that you have readily available for a faster process, then upload it by taking a photo through the app.

  4. Take a selfie following the instructions provided on the app. (You're looking great!)

  5. Allow a few seconds for your submission to be processed. Once validated, a congratulatory message will pop up, and you're all set!


  1. I can't see the Verify Identity button on the Trips tab, where can I find it?
    You can also go to the profile tab (fourth icon at the bottom) and tap the verify identity button at the top of that screen. If it's still not there, kindly update or reinstall the app to update to the latest version.

  2. I can’t get my driver's license to upload without being blurry. Can I email it to someone?
    To complete the identity verification on the Wander app, your photo must be captured through the portal. Once your ID has been processed, it will match your facial features through the camera/selfie to get verified.

  3. I'm unable to verify my identity/ error message when doing identity verification. What should I do?
    Please ensure that you are looking left, looking right, and looking ahead when prompted so that you can pass the "pose position" check and the app can properly verify your identity.

  4. Can I use an expired ID/Passport?
    The verification is run by software and most likely detects if it's an expired ID. To ensure that the flow goes smoothly, a valid one is required.

  5. I have already stayed at a Wander before. Do I still need to verify my identity?
    Return guests are no longer required to complete the Identity Verification Flow on the app.

If you're having trouble completing your verification through the app, feel free to reach out to the Wander Concierge at +1 737-377-3205 or via the in-app chat!


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