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What Transportation Options are Offered

Looking for transportation options for your upcoming stay at Wander? Check out this guide!

Located in unique and secluded spots - some may think that Wander homes might be difficult to get to. However, we've made this easier with arrival guides and transportation options available through the app or website.

Transportation Guide

Each property has its transportation guide to help you with your planning.

  1. On the website, go to the property page.

  2. Scroll down until you see "Travel Guides."

  3. You may choose either "Transportation Guide" for options or "Complete Guide" for all the things you can do in the area.

  4. You may also go to our blog to read through all our helpful articles to help plan your trip better - https://www.wander.com/blog/guides

Arrival Guide

Once you've made your booking, you can access your trip through the "Trips" tab on the app, including arrival guides and transportation options.

  1. On your Wander app, go to the "Trips" tab.

  2. Click "Arrival". This will show:

    • Nearby Airports

    • Car and Ridesharing services

    • Driving Directions

Need more assistance with transportation options? Reach out to the Wander Concierge at +1 737-377-3205 or via the in-app chat.


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