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Where to Find Your Trip

Check out this guide to get details about your trips!

Getting information about your trip is made easier with Wander! From the property address, driving directions, to access codes, everything is accessible with just a few clicks in the app.

Where can I find my trip?

Your upcoming trip can be found on the "Trips" tab located at the bottom of the app. If you'd like to see your past trips with Wander, you may go to the "Profile" tab and tap the "Your Trips" button.

What can I see on the Trips tab?

The Trips tab shows you details about your upcoming booking, including the following:

  • Check-in instructions

  • Option to edit/cancel your trip

  • Must-knows about the local area, the property, and the amenities

  • Arrival instructions

  • House manual

  • Activities

  • Restaurants

  • Groceries

  • Check-out instructions

  • Travel guides

If you're having trouble seeing your trips in the app, please make sure your app is updated and try logging out and then logging back in. If it's still not showing up after doing so, please reach out to the Wander Concierge at +1 737-377-3205 or via the in-app for assistance.


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