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Why We Don’t Offer Early Check-in or Late Check-Out (Yet)

Why we cannot offer early check-in or late check-out (we can always find you restaurants and sometimes offer trip extensions though)

A behind the scenes look into the logistics of making your stay, and the next Wanderer’s stay as pleasant as possible

We know exactly what it's like. You arrive in an incredible new town, and you’re excited to see the house! Or maybe you’re cozied up in your warm bed, and never want to leave. Trust us, we’ve been there, but in order to provide the best guest experience, late check in, or checkout, isn’t something we support (yet).  So here’s a quick breakdown of why; spoiler alert, it all has to do with creating the best guest experience ever. 

In order to ensure everything is spotless and organized, our incredible local cleaning crews spend every second of the 10 am-4 pm to clean the home, hang the robes, and more.  Unfortunately, no one can check in at 4pm that evening if cleaning starts late, which means that the entire night would need to be taken to accommodate a late check-out. In addition, all cleaning schedules are automatically booked the moment you book your stay! As long as you’ve been planning your trip, we’ve been planning to try and make it perfect. 

Cleaning is just the start. Things you love, like our  kitchens, pools, and more that aren't available in hotel rooms, need specialized care to be scheduled. The maintenance workers are local contractors who have their own schedules with other clients, so if maintenance is scheduled in a gap, often they cannot move last minute. There are also property inspectors, landscapers, and countless others that are coordinated harmoniously to try and make your trip wonderful. 

What we can offer

The concierge can always find activities or restaurants to kill time before check-in or after check-out. If you need access to the home later or earlier, if available, we can extend your trip a day early or later depending on the scheduling. Our goal is to give you your perfect trip, and we’ll always do everything in our power to do so. 


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