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How to Book for Friends and Family

Check out this guide on how to book for your group!

Traveling is more fun when experienced with our closest friends and family! If you're your group's designated travel planner, follow the steps below to create a booking and make sure everyone gets to enjoy the Wander experience:

  1. Check out our website to browse through all our homes. This will also show you the maximum capacity and number of beds of each home to help you choose the one that would work best for your group.

  2. Proceed with your booking by choosing your dates, adding the number of guests, and completing your payment on the check-out page.

  3. Once confirmed, you will be able to invite your guests to your trip, which will give them access to the home manuals and controls. You may also do this by going to the "Trips" tab, Click "People," tap the "Invite" button. From there, you may the invites to those who will be joining your trip.

NOTE: A Wander account must be created to get access to the trip.

In case you're having trouble adding your guests to the trip, feel free to contact the Wander Concierge at +1 737-377-3205 or via the in-app chat for help!


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