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How to Operate the Nespresso Machine at Wander

Learn how to make a great cup of coffee in no time!

In case you didn’t know, each Wander home comes fully equipped with tons of amenities for the perfect workcation. From a state-of-the-art workstation to a handy Nespresso machine, you don’t have to worry about taking your laptop out for a coffee run!

If it’s your first time using a Nespresso machine, worry not because we have you covered! Let’s get your coffee brewing with these easy steps!

Step 1

The Nespresso machine has two compartments. On the left compartment, fill the water tank (at least halfway) using fresh drinking water. Make sure to change the water everyday or as necessary. 

Step 2

Turn the machine on by pressing the button located on top of the machine. As the machine is heating up, the lights will blink for at least 15 seconds. Once the lights are steady or has stopped blinking, that means the machine is ready for use.

Step 3

Cup support has three positions that can accommodate different cup sizes. For espressos, lift the cup support and place it on the stopper midway between the coffee outlet and base. It’s recommended to place a cup holding 1.35 fl oz. or 40 ml for espressos.

For regular coffee, simply place a cup holding at least 7.77 fl oz. or 230ml under the coffee outlet. For alto capsules, use a cup holding at least 14 fl oz. or 414 ml.

Check out this guide to see available capsules in the kitchen:

Step 4 

Unlock the machine by sliding the top chrome piece to the unlock position. Once the machine is open, place a Nespresso capsule into position with the dome side facing down and foil part facing up. 

Step 5

Close the machine head and slide back to the locked position. Simply press the button to start coffee preparation. 

It will take some time before coffee starts flowing into your cup. When that happens, you can stop and continue the coffee flow any time by pressing the button. 

Step 6

Turn the top chrome piece to the right and open the machine to automatically eject the Nespresso capsule. Close the machine again once that’s done. Turn the machine off by pressing the top button for three seconds, and you’re good to go!

Still can’t quite figure out how to operate the machine? Check out this instructional video or you can reach out to Wander concierge via the app for extra help! 


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