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Wander Desk Setup Guide

Here is your guide to the Wander desk setups!

To know which brands we use, click here.

For troubleshooting, read on.

Please note this desk setup is only compatible with updated laptops that have a thunderbolt port.


  • Brand: Logitech Brio

  • How to Use:

  • Webcam should automatically connect to your device via the thunderbolt cable. You may need to select the Logitech Brio Web Camera in the setting of the application you want to use, usually, devices will default to the computer's webcam.

  • Potential Issues:

  • If the camera does not have a picture, the camera cover may still be on. Simply flip up the piece covering the camera.


  • Brand: Caldigit TS3 Plus

  • The caldigit will be located under the desk in the metal box.

  • How to Use:

  • The caldigit will have a singular USB C Thunderbolt Cable coming up to the top of the desk. This will be the only cable you will need to utilize all of the desk equipment.

  • Potential Issues:

  • Some computers may not be able to use the lighting USB due to basic computer differences but most will have an available port.

  • If some desk equipment is not working it may be as simple as a loose or unplugged wire from the Caldigit.


  • Brand: LG 38WN75C-B

  • Click here to view owner's manual.

  • How to Connect the Monitor:

  • Your computer will connect the single thunderbolt cable coming from the caldigit.

  • Potential Issues:

  • If the computer display is not showing, one solution may be that the wrong input may be selected, to change the input press the button on the bottom side of the monitor and a menu will appear. In that menu go to input and select the display port. This should bring you to the correct display.

  • Another issue may be that the display port cable has been unplugged through wear and tear. Check to make sure that the cable is correctly connected to the back of the monitor and also correctly connected to the Caldigit.


  • Brand: Yeti Nano

  • How to Use:

  • Once Caldigit cable is plugged into the computer the microphone should be ready for use. To ensure you are using the yeti nano microphone, open sound in your computer's settings, select input, and select the yeti nano microphone.

  • Potential Issues:

  • If the mic is not working, on the front of the mic will be a small circle either green or red. If it is green the mic should be live so people can hear you, if it is red it means it is muted. If the microphone is not showing any color on that ring it means it has no power and may have been unplugged from the caldigit.

  • If the microphone is not working you will have to go into your computer's settings, and sounds, then change the input from your laptop's microphone to the Yeti Nano.


  • Brand: Razer Nommo

  • How to Use:

  • Once the Caldigit cable is plugged into the computer the Razer Nommo speakers should be ready for use.

  • Potential Issues:

  • If speakers do not automatically connect to your computer, go to your settings on your computer, open sounds, and change the output from your laptop's speakers to the USB audio 2.0

  • If speakers are still not working make sure that the volume dial on the speakers is turned up.


  • Brand: Uplift

(For some of our homes, our home-ops team replaced the top of the desk with a custom wood slab for added aesthetics)

  • How to Use:

  • Use the arrow keys on the controller that is mounted to the underside of the desk.

  • How to Reset:

  • Hold the DOWN button until the desk reaches its lowest height and then release the button (for the Advanced Paddle Keypad, hold the paddle down).

  • Pro tip: If your desk doesn't start to move after pressing the DOWN button, release the DOWN button and try again.

  • Hold the DOWN button again for 30 seconds and then release (Note: if you have an Advanced Keypad it will display "ASR"; the Basic 2-Button Keypad does not have a display; the Advanced Paddle Keypad will display "RESET").

  • Hold the DOWN button again until the desk lowers slightly, then rises slightly, then releases the button. If the desk didn't move, try this step again. The movement means the desk reset was successful. If it didn't move, try the quick reset again.

Love this setup? Every Wander smart-home comes with this desk-setup, so you can have the perfect workcation, vacation, or anything in-between! Check out the inspiring locations you can visit and be productive with this kind of desk setup!


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